DataVault Password Manager for iPhone, iPad updated with advanced sync, backup, more

DataVault Password Manager for iPhone, iPad updated with advanced sync, backup, more

Ascendo's DataVault Password Manager, a universal app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad has just received a gigantic, Fort Knox-style update. It already stored all your web logins and credit card and bank account info with power and style but now adds the advanced sync and backup features to match.

I had the chance to check out DataVault during the beta phase and couldn't find a chink in its armor. It has all the security features an expert needs while still being simple and accessible to someone just getting into security apps for the first time. With optional Windows and Mac desktop clients, if you're still looking for the perfect mobile password manager, checkout Data

Full updated list and screenshots after the break. If you're using it or decide to check it out, let us know what you think!

[$9.99 - iTunes link]

  • Implemented synchronization with DataVault desktops using Mobile Me.
  • Implemented synchronization with DataVault desktops using other WebDav servers;,,,,
  • Added Backup & restore using application file sharing (iOS 3.2 or above). Allows user to make multiple, dated backups and move them to & from desktop using iTunes.
  • Added support for multi-tasking in iOS 4 allowing users to switch to another application, copy & paste DataVault contents, then switch back to DataVault without having to login.
  • Improved timeout to support iOS4 multi-tasking. Please Note: Exiting and restarting DataVault will only require logging in if the inactivity delay has been exceeded.
  • Implemented split-panel view on iPad. Displays list or tree of items on the left of screen and item details on the right.
  • Implemented search settings to include field labels, field contents and memo field in addition to item name. User-defined for search performance optimization.
  • Added user-defined setting for case sensitive search.
  • Implemented security alert to send email with GPS location of device in case of failed login attempt.
  • Improved in-app browsing of online user guide to include standard browser features like pinch & expand page.
  • Added "Select Template" alert when user creates a new item.
  • Improved auto-lock security setting so user can quit DataVault and return before end of inactivity delay without have to login.
  • Added user setting to choose between 2D or 3D folders for tree display.
  • Fixed issue causing list/tree not to appear if user selects wrong synchronization service.
  • Corrected security timeout issue causing timeout to remain active after being disabled.
  • Improved display of long notes.
  • Added "DataVault" to Wi-Fi synchronization service header to make it easier for user to select the right service.
  • Enhanced navigation to include improved sync server selection, better keyboard management, iPad button placement and tree display.
  • Improved graphics including application icon and launch screen for iPhone 4, improvements to themes.
  • Addition improvements including increasing the size of help text, caps lock management, removing references to pasteboard, ability to Cancel sync from device.

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Reader comments

DataVault Password Manager for iPhone, iPad updated with advanced sync, backup, more


Been using this software since getting my iPhone 4 this Summer. I researched the other options and this one seemed to win out in reviews. Everyone should use software like this to keep their many passwords straight. I'm in IT, so have piles of passwords to keep straight for work, in addition to all of my personal stuff. Much better to have it in an ecrypted form, rather than text files/Outlook notes/written notes. I haven't updated the app yet though, so can't comment on the updates.

I've looked into password managers like this, but my main concern is trusting them with my passwords/accounts. It's a matter of trust with the company. Unless you program it yourself, you don't really know they don't have some back door method to send all your info back to them...

Hi Redshirt,
I understand your concern. There is no back-door to DataVault. If a user forgets their password, the only option is to wipe the database. If we engaged in unethical behavior it would destroy something we've taken close to a decade to build.
Marc Bolh
Founder & CEO, Ascendo

I use Datavault and I love it. The new version is indeed a gigantic update as mentioned by Rene. New backup & restore is slick & many other improvements. Only one thing I'm having a problem with is mobile me sync which is timing out. Anybody else?

Has anyone gotten the WebDav with,,, or to work? I enter the info for my account and nothing happens.

Hi Marcia,
I use Datavault with Swissdisk and it works great. I tried too, it was a bit slower but I can't say I did extensive tests. You might want to email Ascendo support. I sent them a question a while back and got a detailed response in less than an hour.

I own both iPhone and android devices. I definitely need to sync between those platforms. Please let me know if I can expect you to release an Amdroid version of DataVault.