Dear iHackers -- Less Nerdfight, More Jailbreak, Okay?


Sees like Geohot, the original iPhone hacker, was set to announce "one jailbreak to rule them all", or a simple, clean way to jailbreak all current iPhone and iPod devices, when another hacker team, Chronic, announced the same exploit and plans for a tool of their own, dubbed greenpois0n. Geohot responded on Twitter and his blog that, in light of their disclosing the exploit he felt a) they were taking credit for his work and b) Apple would patch it fast enough that it wasn't worth doing any more.

Hackers, guys, boobalas: as much as the jailbreak community gives all of you all due respect and admiration, get over each other. You don't owe anybody anything, not even the 3.1OTB (out the box)-hungry community who's benefitted greatly from your work over the years, but you don't need to spite the community over each other either. Apple's the one you have the cat-and-mouse game with, right?

Just do the awesome Jailbreak voodoo that you do so well.

[via nfrederick on the TiPb Jailbreak Forums]

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Dear iHackers -- Less Nerdfight, More Jailbreak, Okay?


Yes, and also @iH8sn0w is in it. He is making a thing called Sn0wbreeze, which is pretty much Pwnage Tool but the Windows version according to him. But that doesn't make any sense, because many Twitter users are saying @MuscleNerd is claiming he is making Pwnage Tool for Windows, and also now Redsn0w will be making a 3.1.1 jailbreak.
This is way too confusing and we truely think we should just have 1 jailbreak. Either redsn0w or Pwnage Tool, because both are by the dev_team. Also it's pretty funny how all the hackers decide to make jailbreaks at the same time... Way to go guys.

Everything is as usual. HPeople act as shit and has loads of pride. This is so typical of the internet society. There's always at least one who - driven by stupidity or greed or pure dumbness - will step on someones toes. Why can't everybody just give geohot the appreciation he deserves? Don't steel his ideas and don't step on his toes!

This is so gay.
You either do it for the notoriety, or to put out a cool product.
Which is it?
You wanna be famous and make the dough, apply to work for Apple on the iPhone team.
You wanna be an underground here for JB, then act like one.

I don't care if they fight each other. Competition in my opinion is great for us because it will get a jailbreak out quicker. And why should we limit ourselves to one jailbreak ;variety is great. The more choices the better.

@ski not when we get nothing out of noone, and they keep fighting over who found what where and how.

I don't care what color it is or which letter they replace with a numb3r, as long as it works. If it does 3.1 OTB, great, then I can get my gf to shut the hell up :)

i thought the same thing when i saw the info on greenpois0n...why the need to blab about the exploit...put out a product if you want to....but they are just making things harder....

t0m thats funny... I have the same prob. My GF in Toronto updated to 3.1 on an AT&T 3G. She's hating life right now. I keep telling her to be patient but she's pissed at me after I told her not to upgrade her phone.
We just want the unlock. We have enough jailbreak tools ATM.

After months of messing with my phone and hating her BB Storm, she finally gets an iPhone and its 3.1 OTB. Nothing I could do there, but she's still po'd. They always are :-P

I have to say this is the first time i have seen so many devs creating jailbreak tools. Lets see, dev team, geohot, ih8sn0w, chronic.. Let's get ready to rumble..DING...DING..

In my opinion, those who upgraded to 3.1 on their 3gs and are now stuck without a jailbreak..good for them!! People show no patients as soon as a new os comes out and figure the jailbreak community will eventually jb the new version anyway. Good for them! Hope they still without a jailbreak for a long long time.
I'm on 3.0 3gs and plan to stay this way for a while.

You have no idea what's going on, right? You are just here to gloat. That's actually quite funny :)

How about a bit less ignorance and a bit more intelligence?
There are people out there with brand new out of the box 3GS with 3.1 pre-installed. Should they also be damned by your standards? pfft. Some people.

Gino from the Bronx... you're a spiteful person who doesn't understand the simple law of supply and demand. And you should know the difference between patience and patients. Patience is a virtue... and patients see psychologists, like you do (or should).

I've upgraded to each release since I picked up the 3GS on the day it came out. I can wait for the DEV team to release a JB for it. I'm getting used to typing on it more as I was using my Bold for the longest time and still switch back if I know I'm doing a lot of emails that day but other then that my battery lasts a LOT longer then my BB Bold does. From 5am until 7pm when I get home, I'm still at 75% and that's with 2 push accounts, twitter, facebook, RSS feeds and WiFi running.

You must have the best battery in the world. No way you only drain 25% over 14 hours of use.

Shouldn't the title be Less GEEKFIGHT in lue of NERDFIGHT?? I mean we are talking technology here!!! Or at least the language the said technology is written. Back to math ye nerds, step aside for the uber-geeks!!!!

In all honesty I know some people don't care for apple products and their way of doing things, but is the iPhone really that bad? I mean really? I've uses a blackberry and a treo and I got to say I like the iPhone better. The day I got the thing I just picked it up and used it. No learning curve really. Maybe it's just me but the iPhone is the first "smartphone" I actually enjoy using. Others have just confused me to the point of frustration. Like I said maybe it's me. I mean what do I know really? It's just I can't get over your disdain for this product. Maybe the thing is a piece of shit and I'm missing something.

and actually when I got my 3gs I sold my 3g on eBay for $380. Yeah I was shocked to shit too. You just got to be careful of scams and such. I don't know, it might be worth it for you....

Did it occur to you that not everyone (not the majority for that matter) are facing the problem you are facing?
I owned a 3G (up to 3.0.1) and now a 3GS and I can tell you I never experienced any of the problems you are describing. My iPhones do not freeze, the GPS is right on (with 1 sec lock in) since 3.0, never laggy, utube is smooth, push works as advertised, and the keyboard is snappy.
And you said it, there are almost no threads about bugs, maybe because people are not experiencing many? Don't get me wrong. When there is a bug, you se threads about it all over the place, but not regularly. and dont forget how long it takes Microsoft to iron out problems. If you really think the iPhone is a piece of junk, then wait till WinMo7.
And yes, sometimes Apple does not make much sense when they reject aps w/o explaining, but that does not mean they are not changing. Aren't they opening VOIP over 3G? Moreover, I appreciate the moderation they do. u know why? cause I got a freakin virus on my WinMo6 phone from an app I BOUGHT. a freakin virus on a phone.
So yea, maybe the iPhone is not for you, well it cannot be for everyone. But I can tell you it changed the way I go about my day and non of the other phones in the past 15 years did.

seriously are we talking abut the same product? With the exception of the occasional keyboard lag which has become much less prevelent ( actually I can't remember the last time it happened) I haven't experienced any of the issues you mention and I don't thing the vast majority of users have either. This isn't some "fanboy" bullshit. Just the truth. If all those things were happening with a product I owned I'd be done with the thing. I could care a less who made the thing. I'm not gonna defend shit. And you really contradict yourself. First saying that the iPhone is one of the best out there that you just don't like the control apple has over it. Then you go on to describe one of the worst products I've ever heard of. I just don't get it. Maybe I'm missing something. As far as upgrade to 3gs. Was it worth it? Shit are any of these gadgets really worth it? I mean you can easily get a free phone by signing a contract. Why pay anything more than that for any phone?

Considering how much I paid for my Treo and first WinMo6 phone, the iPhone is not even close in terms of cost. With subsidized prices its much cheaper that the other high quality phone. Of course there are cheaper phones now like the Pre, but if u do a little bit of homework on the quality of the hardware/built, you will find it does not even come close to the quality/built of the iPhone.
In terms of being overrated, its the ONLY phone that truly changed my day-to-day activities and incorporate it in my lifestyle. Non of the other phones came close to that. They all felt like a burden to use (entering todos, checking email, browsing, heck even checking rss feeds, etc...), not the iPhone.
I truly find it highly rated, not overrated and with subsidized pricing, I paid less for it than my previous smartphones.
This was my experience and you milage might vary. (btw, I dont have the patience to wait for companies to get their shit together to fix their products. That's why I dumbed Microsoft and went Mac. I haven't looked back since and if Apple becomes sloppy, I WILL be moving on to the next best thing).

@melwan says it best:
"In terms of being overrated, its the ONLY phone that truly changed my day-to-day activities and incorporate it in my lifestyle. Non of the other phones came close to that. They all felt like a burden to use (entering todos, checking email, browsing, heck even checking rss feeds, etc…), not the iPhone."
then again as they say one mans gold is another mans
in terms of much does apple spend on research and development....advertising? i for one have no idea....but that compared to the sale price is really the only thing that can tell us if its overpriced.....imo

Sale price is $899 and $799. Do u really think this device costs that much to manufacture. The phone probably costs around 60 to 80 when manufacturing a million. That includes transportation too. Marketing is another 350 or 400.