Destiny Companion app for iPhone and iPad released ahead of Thursday's beta test


Game developer Bungie has released the Destiny Companion app for the iPhone and iPad, one day away from the start of the beta test for the long awaited sci-fi first person shooter.

The app will provide a lot of second screen information for players of the game, which is being made by the team originally responsible for the popular Halo series. The Destiny Companion's description says:

Inspect your Guardian, analyze player stats, and compare your Grimoire score. Keep in touch with your friends in the Bungie Community via forums, groups, or private messaging and track them down on the PlayStation Network or Xbox LIVE. And, receive the latest news and updates about Destiny.

The beta test for Destiny begins tomorrow for Sony PlayStation 3 and 4 owners, with Xbox 360 and Xbox One gamers joining in on July 23. The beta will end on July 26, less than two months before the full version of Destiny is released September 9.

Are you planning to participate in the Destiny beta test and if so will you also be using the Companion app?

Destiny Companion - Download for free on iTunes

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Destiny Companion app for iPhone and iPad released ahead of Thursday's beta test


I was in the alpha test and pre-ordered the game so I'll be in the beta too. Had a lot of fun in the alpha so I'm looking forward to the beta and full release. Got the companion app but a lot of it doesn't do much yet.

Game is absolutely incredible , played all night tonight with a buddy of mine . It's just a huge universe that's constantly active . Unlike any shooter iv seen befor . Def 10/10 and I hate sci-Fi , we'll not anymore obv but I want even going to buy this game an now I can't wait

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