Have you downloaded 60 apps for your iPhone or iPad?

More than 60 apps have been downloaded for every iOS device sold

As Apple's iTunes App Store closes in on 10 billion downloads asymco does some Leanna style math and estimates 60 apps have been downloaded for every iOS device -- iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. They draw three conclusions:

  1. Apps overtaking digital music is a watershed event. Apps are a new medium: they will impact all other media.
  2. As the number of apps attached to any single device continues to increase, apps create increasingly higher switching costs for users.
  3. Apps consumption is increasing at a rate to overtake the PC software market.

Check out the link below to see additional charts and the process asymco used to get to these numbers.

I know I must have downloaded way more than 60 apps by now but I've had 2 iPhones, an iPod touch and an iPad and I'm not sure I've downloaded 240 apps total to make the 60 app average. How about you? How many iOS apps have you downloaded and for how many devices? And does that app investment make you reluctant to switch to Android or another platform?


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Have you downloaded 60 apps for your iPhone or iPad?


(I watch for one day free promotions & download to lock in the purchase. Decide what I want later)
Still… I acknowledge it's a problem.

If you count the one iPhone on my account that died a watery death, it's probably close to 60 apps per device. Not counting it and I'm well over the 60 app threshold. I haven't checked the exact number of apps, and I'm not sure that I can as I recently cleaned out a lot of stuff that had been in iTunes but was either not relevant any longer or had been replaced by newer apps.

152 apps on my iphone. I delete apps when I'm not using them, so there's probably at least double that in itunes. 4 devices so far (iphone 1, 3gs and 4, ipod touch).

i have 270 apps in my iPhone 4. 32gb. and still got space for some more, like 300 + more, and my iPhone still running nice and smoth

2156 in iTunes and many more which I once had and then deleted again after evaluating. Doing the same as Jesse. I'll have to stick to buying iPhones or I'll regret all the money I spent on apps I couldn't use anymore! :D :(

If that 60 includes the free apps I download, open, realize they aren't what I want and delete then I've probably download 200-300 per iOS device.

Well below - 30+ for iPhone, 30+ for iPad, 20+ universal. I may add some more as a birthday gift to myself.

Well over 250. I don't even like to look at the count. I have an iPhone and an iPad, and I try and tell myself that at least half are free. I know people who have fewer than 10, though, which I find baffling.

I've downloaded around 970 app but only synced 150 of them to my phone need the space for hd video recording

When you factor in free apps, apps that I decided to delete after trying them out, and event-specific apps that lose their relevance quickly, I've probably downloaded north of 200 over the last 2 years.
I under how the count is impacted by downloads of updates, re-downloads to different devices (where the devices connect directly to iTunes, albeit using the same iTunes account), migrations from the "free" to "paid" versions of apps, etc.

I have 72 apps, but I've had a iPhone since january 2008, so I've been with the app store since day 1
My mom however, has 1600+ apps on her iPad, she has all her screens filled and needs to use spotlight to find them. Shes crazy.

I have 150 Apps or so on my iTunes. 110 or so on my iPhone. I've only had an iPod Touch G1 and an iPhone 3GS, so I'm above the average.

I'm sure between my iphone4/ipad i have 100 apps. still new to iphone as a switched over from 6years of blackberry.

Ive downloaded 1200+ apps for my iphone 4 and at least the same for my 3GS. Lost my iTunes folder in a harddrive crash so I'm hoping apple adds the bought apps tab that's been rumoured.

iPhone alone I have well over 600+ apps on iTunes. And after cleaning up I have about 200 on my iPhone. I'm a gamer

my iphone 4 currently carries 74 apps (not counting the apple stock stuff) and I know it's been through about 2-3x that many, as most of them are paid versions of free or lite programs I tried out, and many of them, I tried 2, 3, some as many as a dozen other similar apps, looking for the one that "fit" me.
And I don't have my iPad here to check, but I'd estimate I have about 50% overlap of "iPad versions" of my apps, where there's no universal binary.
so.. yeah, I can see myself having easily hit 60+ per device.

I easily downloaded 60 apps within the first couple days the App store opened 2.5 years ago. I've got way too many apps that I never use or even have on my iPhone or iPad (or wife's iPhone and daughter's iPhone 2G), and I've even cleaned out my unused apps several times now. I'll admit, though, that I'm an app-aholic. :)

I have 199 installed on my 16 gb iphone 4... Making it pretty full. I am not sure how many I have in itunes...

Downloaded to iTunes: 1412
Installed on my iPhone: 496
Installed on my iPad: 298
...so I guess I use about 1/2 of what I've downloaded. I'm glad I don't how much I've spent on many of these apps...way more than I would have spent on computer programs.

I have installed 630 apps on the phone (thank goodness for folders). My total of apps in 1663.
While I've bought some of these apps (probably less than 40), I found most of them while looking for free-for-a-day promotions. About 10% have proved very useful or enjoyable, and I probably would have paid full-boat for many. I've done my best to give good reviews for those that excelled.
To answer the question, would these apps keep me from switch for iOS? Certainly, were I able to even contemplate such a berserk idea. I have to work on a PC, but I do everything else using iOS.

I'm at 160+ on my iPhone 32gb and iPad 32gb. Many more in iTunes. Hate to know what I have spent since the beginning of the app store

Ive had an iPhone I think pushing 2 1/2 years and I recently ha apple redownload all the purchases I've made in the past to my new computer. 534 apps

I've downloaded about 2100 apps so far for 1 iPhone, 1 iPod touch and 1 iPad.
I got most of them thru 1 Day Free promotions.

I've had an iPhone 4 and apparently way too much free time for the last six months, and I figure I've downloaded about 250 apps in that time - 213 of which are currently installed accordibg to my iPhone's settings info. I've purchased 18 of those. Which is waaaay higher than the number of songs I've purchased fron iTunes (a half dozen maybe) since I got an iPod at least five years ago.
I suppose I do have to admit the vast amount of apps I've collected (and more importantly, the vast number I still use regularly) will probably make it harder to leave Apple behind, should that be required 18 months or so from now when I probably get my next phone (unless 5 is so unexpectedly amazing I can't help myself).
Luckily, I've yet to see any signs that competitor hardware is looking to greatly surpass Apple's anytime soon.

Re: "I've purchased 18 of those" -- I have at least twice that number in paid apps installed; that I either downloaded before they went to a pay model, or received promo codes for, or snagged during free day promotions. The vast majority of these are apps I would now be willing to purchase again if I had too.
Lots of my favorites are popular titles that have already made — or will soon make — the move to other mobile platforms (mostly Android); but many of my favorites are not and might never be ported.
There don't seem to be many popular third-party titles on Android though that don't also have an iPhone version. So to me, the possibility of my switching platforms looks to come down to (1) what hardware can someone else come out with that blows the doors off any future iPhone of the same vintage, and (2) what KILLER exclusive functionality or app(s) can said phone provide to make me want to abandon all I've invested in iOS?
It will have to be pretty damn impressive.
Or else something like Google deciding to block access to all their services from iPhone - but doing it in a way that doesn't piss me off so much I look to an alternative for my beloved gmail, gcal, google maps, and google everything else...

I have downloaded close to 250 apps from iTunes, and just did a clean-up to get them down to 135. No, I have no desire to switch, since both my wife and I are very happy with our iPhones. iOS continues to be the best platform available, and I have a feeling it will be for a long time to come. We will buy the iPad 2 and iPhone 5 when they come out.

I've got 63 on mine right now, but I've probably deleted twenty or so. That's not including jailbroken, of course.

I've downloaded over 500 apps. I have some 300+ on my iPhone 4 right now. I've been trying to cut back lately, bit it's hard to do.

I think I have at least 300 apps on my iMac right now, most of these are apps which were free for a day. These are only for one iPod touch, so its more then the average.

211 on my phone right now and I've probably deleted at least that many as well. I've probably bought somewhere between 400-500 apps. That investment alone is a big reason for me to stay with Apple. (Besides I just love my phone ;-)