EA to Unleash Sims 3 for the iPhone this Summer!

Hey iPhone users, not enough excuses yet to abandon real life and run down your battery? Never fear, EA is here! Seems the uber-developer is readying a release of Sims 3 for the iPhone (and iPod Touch). Says TUAW:

it's set for an almost simultaneous release on PC, Mac, the iPhone and the iPod touch. The popularity of iPhone apps may have done what Mac gamers couldn't do for years: convince developers that releasing their games simultaneously on Mac and PC was worth it.

PC version set to ship June 2. No release date for the iPhone version yet, but EA claims Summer 2009.

Anyone here eager to get their Sims on?

(In response to llofte)

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Reader comments

EA to Unleash Sims 3 for the iPhone this Summer!


not going to buy this one bit, Spore sucked, Sim city sucked. EA is failing in the iPhone games department. The only reason why i even BOUGHT spore was out of curiosity when the first games were coming out...
The key to a good iPhone game right now is to STAY away from 3d as much as possible... so if EA does in fact make SIM 3... it will most likely be omega BALLS.
Not to mention that when i'm gaming it's b/c i'm mobile and on the go.... or riding the train.. sitting in the waiting room... how on earth am i going to have the time to play a Sims game? i do my iPhone gaming in like 4-5 minute bursts.

Agreed with previous poster. EA games on the iPhone are buggy and the developer doesn't seem to care one bit. I would pay $19.99 if the game were to be stable, but not more than .99 for a game that will require rebooting every time I want to play.

Spore runs fine on my iphone... no rebooting needed at all play it a fair bit as i find it addicting. Same thing would be true for sims but not bout to fork out 20 for something on the iphone. my cap's prolly the 13 that pi will cost me.

First iPhonemilk: SimCity was amazing on the iPhone! Not really onto the spore series but looked ok. Sims 3 will be amazing on the iPhone. Simply amazing.
We don't care about how much you don't have time to play a game that DOESNT at all concern the game or it's attributes. Go play with your BF super noob.

I love the Sims I would buy it not matter what the cost was. I have all the expansion packs for my mac and windows base computers I cant wait to get it for the iphone. I do agree with the previous writer about sim city. Maybe I just dont get it or something. It is not fun at all. Hope they dont make the same mistake on the sims 3 for the iphone

I'm all for Sims 3 on the iPhone! I'm sick of the little games that are fun to play for ten minutes or so. I wanna see more games that will rival their PSP and DS counterparts. A desktop class Sims 3 game will definatly be on my iPhone right along with NFS Undercover (whenever it comes out).

I just downloaded it as an app on my new BB Storm... its not really working for me, it looks like it should work for a regular BB, but idk... anyone else tryed Sims 3 on the Storm?

I can't wait till it's released. should be a fun game especially sims3 b/c everyone is so hyped up about the game, I doubt that ea would allow for lags or buggs for this game. hopefully it'll be something like the real game and not some scaled down shit that looks gay.