Emoji Emoticons Enabled for All by frostyplace App!

The inimitable iJustine has tastily blog snacked about an App Store goodie named frostyplace (iTunes / $0.99), a Japanese RSS reader that by-the-way works around the iPhone's limitation of only allowing Emoji (the massive emoticon collection used in Japan that adds to smiley face things like panda bear, train station, and mountain) on it's official Japanese carrier.

Basically, you download and install the app, use it to browse some Japanese RSS feeds (i had to do it for a couple minutes, exiting and re-doing it 3 times), and then the Emoji option will miraculously appear in your settings and you're golden.

Check out her site for the details and instructions, but I tried it and it worked for me. Let us know how you do!

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Emoji Emoticons Enabled for All by frostyplace App!


Since I can't colour code my calendar items, I will use the coloured dots instead!!! Well worth the 99 cents!

Emoji on the iPhone is absolutely useless. It only works from iPhone to iPhone. Even here in Japan where emoji is on every single cell phone it still only works iPhone to iPhone. Instead of making them look all pretty they should've used or created ones that are compatible across ALL phones.

Confirmed: it works on Twitter if viewed on the iPhone. I just tweeted @lofte something like eggplant-santa-cactus-ham sandwich (whatever that means!)
(Er... hopefully totally non-offensive!)

Worked for me too. Had to open the app twice before the setting appeared. Also useful for adding cute doodles to your Notes.

I jailbroke my phone--emojicons became available--restored my phone with new software update--still available...hmmm.

You guys talk about iphones and what not, but u guys should be grateful for haveing such a thing. I as a tibetan have not even a country to call my own. At least you have America.
Bet you guys didn't know as the western world is advanced in technology, Tibet is way beyond everyone when it comes to the mind. THe tibetan monks study the human mind, human feeling, such as compassion.
Fuck the PRC, and the CCP, and I hope a fucking chinese official finds this. Those fucking chinese officials and "leaders" are shameless liars. They lie to the whole world when the world knows the truth.
The worst thing is that the world talks about human rights and peace, but don't do shit. Millions of tibetan have already dies. Tibetans in tibet are being tortured just for saying tibet, or H. H. the Dalai Lama, or even having a picture of him.
Another funny thing is that George Bush Sr. sent in an army to help Kwait when Saddam invaded it. But no one could help out tibet when tibet was being invaded by China. Tibet is probably 30 x as big as kwait. Tibet is 1/3 of Today's so caled "people's" republic of china.
The people of kwait mostly believers of islam and have the same lanuage and culture as the countries around them, but Tibet has its own language, written language, clothing, traditions, cultures and what not. Bush could help a small country which is exactly the same as the other countries around it, but america couldn't help tibet from China.
Before you guys go back to your daily lives, actually be thankfull, for what you have, a country. I live today without a fatherland. I have no place i can go die peacefully when i grow old. I don't even know my country. But I am proud to say I am Tibetan.

Hey guys! does anyone know if i remove the frostyplace app if I can still use the emoji? I'm just curious. Thanks! Oh, and thanks for posting this, emoji has been something I wanted since it went online in Japan.

Horray! What an awesome glitch! Hope Apple doesn't notice and pull this from the store.
I wonder if non-iPhone users see some random text where the emoji would be or if it's just blank.
My favorite one so far? The smiling poop: 

@ Tenzin : First of all, if you don't have an iPhone, why are you even on this website? Secondly, you go on and on, preaching at us as if you know are life experiences or our beliefs, but you don't know anything about us. Thirdly, I didn't even vote for Bush---but if you do your research, the invasion of Kuwait was all about oil, and had nothing to do with the size of the country, or the suffering of the people there. Maybe you would be better served talking with others who share your beliefs, and not inject your cause into the lives of unsuspected readers.

I don't think they're scared they just don't want to. As far as the actual bloggers who say they don't jailbreak I find it hard to believe since theyre reporting on it.......maybe they don't want to piss apple off for promoting it for some unknown reason except for ijustine not hard to believe she does not jailbreak .
@tenzin- I've been following the news on Tibet very sad indeed but don know why u chose this blog to vent on.
@Iphonemilk- I heard they were kicking them out into India if I'm not mistaken... Which explains why..

@Jeffdc5 - I usually do as I wish. But thanks for giving me your blessings. I don't jailbreak cause I just don't want to. Not scared at all, but unlike you, I can see it being overwhelming for people.

@Zyber Joe - Other than my buddy getting a bit irked cause I keep bombarding him with goofy icons, I have yet to see any. I doubt there would be any, since Emoji icons are already part of 2.2. Just not enabled anywhere except Japan (for whatever crazy reason).

@Rick your sarcasm is not needed. There's nothing overwelming about choosing a few options to make your own firmware and placing your phone in dfu mode to allow the firmware to run. I can't understand how people even use unjailbroken iPhones.There's no real danger in jailbreaking and the benefits far outweight any negatives.

does this work across networks between T-Mobile and ATT?
The jailbreak option would not allow sms with icons btw the carriers.
Only within T-Mobile or ATT

Does anyone know if installing 2.2.1 (came out just now) will take away my emoji? Let us know if you have done it. Good or bad news. Thanks.

i'm doing this randomly to spread awareness on tibet. That is all. I am sorry if I offended u, i just copied and pasted this message with small modifications onto random blog sites.

@Thomas - Not so sure I would call it "genius" :-)
@John - Word has it that it DOESN'T take it away. But I haven't tried yet.

I think the frostyplace website has gone down due to all the refreshing of the RSS feeds. :)

I think with the new firmware released yesterday, 2.2.1 this is not working anymore. I bought the app for 99 cents, went in and viewed rss feeds over and over and exited, etc and still not an option under Japane keyboards. :(

:( i installed 2.2.1 then about 3 mins later discovered the emoji hack... unfortunately i can't seem to get it installed since updating. Anyway to update back to 2.2? or install emoji on 2.2.1?

emoji works on 2.2.1 just use the program called "Touchdial Emoji" it costs $3.99 however since it works its worth it


App is a waste of a good $1. The emoji option never popped up for me after 48 hours and coutless open/surf/close of the App. Plus only works iphone to iphone. PLEASE. The worst!

There is an app in the App Store called Typing Genius-Get Emoji. I just downloaded it and after just opening it, the emoji option was in keyboards under japanese. It also lets you practice typing (not that I really need it), but for 99 cents, why not?

I forgot to say that my iPhone is running 2.2.1 and I got the emoji icons working without any problems. Just to show everyone: 

I got 2.2.1 and never got it working with FrotyPlace! The app just got upgraded today and now it just crashes!!! Glad I got it for free!!

Well i thnk its an awsome app!!!! But u know i have two friends with an iphone everyone else dnt have one i dnt see why dnt they make it to wrk with everyone!!!! Not everyone like rhe iphone u knw!!!!!

Just download the free app emoji and enable it on your iPhone.
Settings>general>keyboards> Japanese-> emoji slide on.

I have an IPhone 3G and my boyfriend has the 3GS. The emoji works fine for me, and my boyfriend can send them out and see them on his phone, but when I send him a emoji text it shows up as jibberist letters for him. I've searched the web and have found so solution. Can someone please help me! Thanks!

There's a reason why the 'emoji' icons only work with the iPhone. The icon sets themselves are specific to the Japanese cell company you get your service from. They aren't standardized across those carriers, just within a single carrier. Even in Japan, you can't send 'emoji' to a friend with a phone on a different network. They work by 'extending' the alphabet with character codes sent by the phone for each 'emoji' icon. A different phone will provide its own internal icon for that character code. Early reports when this was first being reported in the US press indicated that Apple was attempting to convince the Japanese carriers to standardize the codes, if not the specific icons. Once that happens, they'll be in a much better position to get the same standard code-set in place elsewhere.
Sadly, there's currently a number of phones that flat out don't work with messages that include emoji icons. They don't display gibberish where the icons should be (the non-alphabetic character codes). They simply fail to display the message completely. The recipient doesn't even get notified that a message has arrived. (Oddly, in at least one case I know of, it still counts as a text message received.)