Endomondo brings fitness tracking to your Pebble adorned wrist

Endomondo brings fitness tracking to your Pebble adorned wrist

Endomondo has announced that it is now available for Pebble users so that they can take their workouts with them and monitor their fitness from their wrists. Endomondo is now available for iOS users in the Pebble appstore and will be coming to Android Pebble users later in the year.

With Pebble, Endomondo users can start, pause, and stop their workouts directly on their watch so that their phones can remain in a pocket, belt clip, or armband while users are working out. This minimizes the chances that your phone will get dropped. Additionally, Pebble will also vibrate for each mile or kilometer that is achieved and your smartwatch will also quickly display your progress.

To use Endomondo, you will need to download the Endomondo app from the iTunes App Store for your iOS device.

You'll also need to download the Endomondo Pebble app from the Pebble store.

And lastly, you'll need to connect Pebble from the Settings of the Endomondo iOS app.

Source: Pebble


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Danrazz says:

Great Job Endomondo!!

Also, the Runkeeper allows you to see distance, time and pace on the Pebble while leaving your phone in your pocket.

kate perry2 says:

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