Evernote 5 for iOS revealed, coming soon

Evernote has announced version 5 of its iOS app. The update includes several new and improved features, including a new home screen, a more streamlined interface for accessing your notes, a Places map, and an improved Page Camera. This update also focuses on speed. Evernote states in their blog post:

We’ve learned a lot over the years about how people use Evernote on mobile devices. It’s all about speed. Whether you’re creating a note or browsing to one, everything needs to happen fast. Also, you want the app to easily support your preferred organization scheme. If you’re a tagger, then tags must be front-and-center. If you put everything into notebooks, then those need to be quickly accessible.

The iPad also sees the addition of a Recent Notes list to facilitate easier multitasking within the Evernote. The update is not yet available, but is said to be coming “very soon”.

Evernote 5 for iOS revealed, coming soon

Source: Evernote Blog

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Evernote 5 for iOS revealed, coming soon


I am so excited about this update! I use evernote for notes in church, while I'm reading different books, and to journal my thoughts at the end of the day. However, lately it keeps on crashing (on my ipad), so I hope this will fix the crashes since my ipad is running ios5. Thanks for the info!