Flickr ditching Facebook and Google sign-in for Yahoo accounts

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Some viewed it as inevitable that Yahoo would flip the switch for both Facebook and Google sign-in options to be disabled in favor of its own account system. The popular photo sharing service offers a solid platform for hobbyists to upload and share snaps they've captured with smartphones and/or more professional setups. If you access Flickr through Facebook or Google, you'll soon be prompted to create a new Yahoo account.

"Starting this month, we will be requesting that everyone use a Yahoo username and password to sign in to Flickr. Eventually, Facebook and Google sign in will be removed."

The change hasn't yet occurred so rest assured you're able to access stored content on your Flickr account using connected accounts, but once Flickr removes support for both social networks there'll be no looking back. If you require a helping hand with moving across, or would like to find out more details on the switch, be sure to hit up the Flickr support forum (linked below).

What do you make of the changes? Will you continue using the service with a new Yahoo account? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Flickr (account update page, support forum)

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Reader comments

Flickr ditching Facebook and Google sign-in for Yahoo accounts


I read this a while ago, and in anticipation moved all my recent pictures to Smugmug.
I have to precise that I was also owner of a premium membership (prior the freemium conversion of flickr), so this was the straw that breaks the camel's back for me.

I'm not a pro but a serious amateur, and flickr did all it could to discourage me to use it.
Instead of chasing Instagram they should have worked more towards 500px and smugmug. Quality over quantity...


All sites and users should ditch sign-in services. Regardless of security pros and cons, why does anyone voluntarily give data of their Web activity to FB or Google?

I've always used my Yahoo ID...although I was considering using my Google+ one. This change won't affect me.

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If Apple chooses to buy out Yahoo at some point, the first thing to go would be Google and Facebook sign-ins.

Just sayin'. ;-)

Leaving Google's and Facebook's zero-privacy zones is painful at first but good for you in the end.

Hopefully this is a good sign that yahoo is going to add their own alternative YouTube platform. This would be good for people who wanted to make video ,but want to get off of Google platform.

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Why would anyone use Google and Facebook to log into any other service is beyond me. It's just foolish. Why would you want FB and Google to have even more control over you? And what happens when you decide to close your FB or Google accounts?

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Yea I close my Facebook account 6 months ago. I had somethings tied to it and well I lost on that lol oh well that didn't stop me anyways

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