Gas Cubby gets a new interface, iPhone 5 and Launch Center Pro support

Gas Cubby gets a new interface, iPhone 5 and Launch Center Pro support

Gas Cubby, our favorite mileage tracker, fuel, and maintenance tracker for iPhone, has been updated to version 2.5 and brings a refreshed interface to the app, along with support for the 16:9 iPhone 5, and Launch Center Pro.

Spearheaded by App Cubby's David Barnard, who's also the driving mind behind Launch Center Pro, Gas Cubby lets you track all the important data about your car, sync it online, visualize it with charts, set reminders, and generate charts.

If you're already a Gas Cubby user, head on over to the App Store to get the update. If you haven't, and you need to keep track of what you do with your car, either for business or just to make sure you don't forget routine service, check out Gas Cubby now.

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Reader comments

Gas Cubby gets a new interface, iPhone 5 and Launch Center Pro support


One question: will the mileage tracker allow you to use GPS/location services? I want to just start the tracking when I leave the house for the day and turn it off when I return with the total miles I've driven all day (all the driving is work-related etc.). I DO NOT want to manually type in odometer readings all day!


No, it doesn't. Not sure how well it would work though, you'd have to have it running all the time, draining your battery.

That's not a problem because I use a ProClip in the car that charges the whole time I'm driving etc. But thanks for the info--another fail from app makers who don't seem to really use their apps.

I love this app for its existing functionality, but this was NOT a huge update like App Cubby built it out to be. The new skin for the UI is nice, but let's get it straight, this is NOT a new UI; just a new skin over the same old UI.

Total cost per mile still doesn't offer the option of including the original purchase price of the vehicle or the cost of maintenance items as well. This has to be figured up separately , by the user. The graphs that show aren't able to be tapped on for additional detail (IE: what maintenance did I spend $700 for on 10/21/11).

When I emailed App Cubby in June 2012 to express concern that the app hadn't been updated at all since November 2011, they assured me that they had a "significant" update they were working on. Fast forward to October, Apple releases new iPhone 5 with different screen resolutions, which delays the app release (understandable). Mid-November rolls around and still no release of the new update. I ask App Cubby when they'll be releasing something they mentioned six months ago; all they say is that it's been delayed due to the different screen size. Many developers managed to adjust and push out their apps within days/weeks of this. App Cubby took two months to release a resized app with no additional functionality, and a new skin on top of the old UI. Color me not impressed.