G-Map Pulled from iPhone App Store

We mentioned in passing during our pre-iPhone 3.0 rumor round-up that:

G-Maps has mysteriously disappeared from the App Store, and will “return soon”…

While XRoad's website said the US East and West coast maps were being improved, the real reason speculated at the time is that they were perhaps about to re-appear as a full turn-by-turn navigation solution as part of the Premium App Store. Neither of those things happened, and now Gizmodo shares what might really have been going on:

Update: Some developers have told us that the reason G-Map has been pulled is that by including turn-by-turn navigation, it violated the terms of agreement—which is why it was the first turn-by-turn app to come out.

Of course, the App Store terms of service have now changed, allowing for turn-by-turn as long as the developer "brings their own maps" so we'll have to keep an eye on this one and see what happens come "summer" and the official iPhone 3.0 release...

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Reader comments

G-Map Pulled from iPhone App Store


I'm glad I got this when I did. I use this at least every other day, usually every day. It's a good app.

We are taking another stab at creating the next big app for the iPhone. As the founder and creator behind Dizzler.com (a music search engine), I was excited about being able to create a mobile version for the iPhone, but red tape has us still waiting in line to release this app. (fyi: available in andriod store now), so we decided to create a business application that includes a mobile website that links with Gmaps, iPhone maps and yahoo maps depending on what type of mobile device you are using? Also have new street luge game that will be released with iPhone 3.0, you can take sneak peek at this game by visiting http://www.diversion-studios.com/

The Xroad website says that they took it down for improvements, this was well before the 3.0 preview event though. It says they will be back in the app store soon, maybe they are just making some changes or now waiting for 3.0 to ship this summer.

I am hoping with all this new OS 3.0 it opens up the door for Garmin and Telenav along with G-Map to do voice turn by turn.

I have been using G-Maps for awhile and it has been great. This may be the first time I have seen an app "pulled" off the AppStore for "improvements" as most of the time the improved version just gets posted when it arrives.
Obviously, it was pulled due to a problem maybe a licensing issue or something like that. Hopefully it returns better, if it does.

Just to clarify, the e-mail from that G-Map rep came to my inbox yesterday, so I think it's pretty accurate that an updated version should be in App. Store by hopefully next Friday (crossing fingers and toes).

from the xroad FAQ:
"On next updating (March 2009), we are going to provide alarm effect instead of voice prompt on the G-map."
im guessing this is in the approval process now as on the front page for gmap it also says:
G-map U.S. East and West are being reviewed for
improvements and will be back in the App Store soon.
Thank you for your understanding and patience."

@McKooter: That was already up there before it was pulled.
It was pulled before 3.0 was announced (but only a few days before). This is purely my own speculation, but I figure it slipped through the cracks and Apple later deemed it to be in violation of the TOS (since it started getting press out of the blue a few weeks ago even though it had been around for a while, even in its latest iteration). The iPhone 3.0 announcement would be pure coincidence.
They (xRoad) might also have pulled it themselves, but what's the likelihood of that? Especially since this wasn't their first release of the product and the original release was... "imperfect", but they didn't pull it in the past.

1.3 update is up, at least for existing owners. Nice warning tone, distance and time to go on nav screen, and little map in corner on upcoming turn. But unfortunately, eliminated the yards/miles to next turn. Still, overall very good update to a gray value for a $20 GPS.