Google will warn if a mobile site's lousy with Flash content


Google has announced it is adding a new feature to its search results that will indicate if a web page will have issues being viewed on certain mobile devices such as an iPhone or iPad.

While the vast majority of web pages can be viewed in full on a modern mobile web browser like Safari, Google points out that some sites might still have issues viewing content when accessed by a smartphone or tablet. In particular, pages that still use Adobe Flash won't be able to be viewed in full on the iPhone and iPad.

So now, if a person makes a search on Google, they could see a reference in the search results if a page uses Flash, with a note stating that it may not work on their device. Google says they want to encourage website creators to make pages that work on all types of devices, and that HTML5 is an example of a platform that does just that.

What do you think of this new way for Google to let mobile device users know if a page will display correctly on their browser?

Source: Google

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Reader comments

Google will warn if a mobile site's lousy with Flash content


I am growing to hate using my desktop/laptop more and more simply because of Flash Player and Java. Can we ever be rid of them? I swear browsing the internet is better on my iPhone/Moto X now simply because I don't have Flash/Java hogging all my system resources and wanting to update every other day. Why are we still using these?

Remember when Google touted Android's compatibility with Flash? Remember when they denigrated Apple for its lack of same? My, how times have changed.