Google Announces Buzz; or Will Social Networking Blend?

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Our sibling site Android Central let us know that Google has shoved every social media form you can imagine, from Facebook to Twitter to Foursquare, to -- dunno, Friendserjaiku? -- into something called Buzz.

After Google Wave, which came off as WikiChat to us, we're not sure about all this Google-mash, but Phil gives us a pretty good rundown:

For starters, go to, and you'll be taken to a Web app that lets you see and create Buzz messages. You can see messages from people you "follow" or interact with often, or you can see messages from people nearby.

Personally, I needed one more platform to push my Twitter feed to anyway... What do you think? Want? Will use? Yeahbuwhy?

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Google Announces Buzz; or Will Social Networking Blend?


This won't make big noise.. but it is very useful for people who have Gmail, gCalendar etc.. (and that's A LOT OF PPL) and use it very often... You don't have to leave your Google -centric page...
It won't take away traffic from facebook but it would make life easy for some ppl .. especially ppl using social media to promote their business...

I can use Buzz on my iPhone, but it hasn't appeared in my Gmail, so setting it up and using all its features is impossible. I wish they would enable the full Gmail Buzz features to those users interested enough to have visited the mobile Buzz. I guess I'll just have to wait a couple days to use it (although I don't think it will be replacing Twitter for me).

Also ..after checking Engagdget's unbiased (unlike TIPB) version of this story, it also includes some location based services.. that will be useful to a lot of people... If this integrates with Maps .. it can be a very useful too.

I'd love to use it, but my Google account is through Google Apps, which is not treated like a "normal" Google account by certain services, which is really annoying. Apparently Google Apps users should be able to access it in "months". F that.

Uh yeah... if they had a native app with push notifications for this I'd be all over it. But you want me to aggregate all my stuff on a WEB SITE? BS! We have plenty of client apps that lets us integrate multiple streams on-device. Why go to "the cloud" (er, the web) for that? Stupid IMO.

Buzz is an interesting thing. Buzz turns an email platform into a beginning social networking tool. I for ever admired Google for their search type. However here I oppose. My person is in the present moment a majour threat. Though Google started addressing the privacy concerns, Buzz notwithstanding requires to overcome its burden. They seem to be joking with customers informations. Google needs better controversy about its latter activities.

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