Google Chromecast SDK is open for business

The day many a Chromecast owner has been waiting on has finally arrived. Google has officially opened the doors on the SDK making it available to Android and iOS developers to add support for the $35 HDMI dongle. It has previously been available as a preview, but with strict restrictions attached. Thus far, only apps officially signed off by Google like Netflix and Hulu Plus have been allowed access.

The developer portal explains that the Google Cast SDK has undergone a thorough overhaul since the preview release, and that developers should review the documentation in full before proceeding.

So, with all that in mind, what apps do you want to see arriving with Chromecast support first?

Source: Google Developers

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Google Chromecast SDK is open for business


Chromecast is something I use daily as it is. This opens up so much more. Would like to see tunein radio added.

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I've never heard of chrome cast. It's sounds similar to the AppleTV. But I guess this is a good thing.

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What has me more excited is the fact that the framework is there for live streaming. This changes everything now cuz we can get stuff like ustream, live hangouts, TWiT, live YouTube and twitch.TV among others

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