Google confirms Latitude will be retired, someone, somewhere may miss it

Besides this mornings news that the new Google Maps will soon be heading our way, Google has also confirmed that Latitude, their location sharing, will be retired on August 9. After this date the Latitude for iPhone application will stop working, along with any other Latitude API based applications. Someone, somewhere may shed a little tear, but while it may be gone, location sharing shall live on at Google in a different guise.

Location sharing from Google is being shifted across to Google+, so Latitude fans will still be able to get their fix in some way. Android already has location sharing in the Google+ app, and the iOS version will be updated at some point soon to get the same abilities. I'm not sure it was ever the most popular product from Google, certainly not with iOS users, but is there anyone out there who's going to miss Latitude?

Source: Google via Android Central

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Google confirms Latitude will be retired, someone, somewhere may miss it


I use this, I wanted to at least get the rocket to say that I had travelled the same distance as it is to the moon =(

I don't think I'll be able to travel 208,089 more miles by August 9th; over the past 3 years I have only travelled 17,533 miles!

Do my stats mean nothing to you Google?

My family uses this all the time. Its an easy way to keep track of elderly parents who are still very active in case they have any kind of issue in a few seconds I can bring up where they are and be on the rescue. It also works for the wife when she gets turned around.

I may be one of the few people who actually uses latitude for sharing location so it will break my heart to see it go :(, plus I like its implementation better than how it is done in Google+. I see Google is really serious about consolidating its services around Google+..

My heart dropped when I read this. My wife and I use it all the time. She is on an iPhone and I and Android. She just yesterday returned from a very long automobile trip and all the way I could track her location and it has always been so very nice to just know where she is and not have to always ask, "Where are you." The tracking was just right for us and extremely useful.

But, glad to hear it will live on in some fashion.

Yeah, I'm going to miss it. Like Marty Edwards, my wife and I use it all the time. Neither of us use Google+ (she doesn't use any social networks at all), so this is a real drag.

Over the last year I have had to completely reshape the way I use the web because Google has gotten rid of my home page (iGoogle), my news reader (Google Reader), and now Latitude.

Don't forget that they also removed Microsoft EAS from Google Mail that is the sole reason for me to move over to Outlook, as I like push e-mail lol.

I feel your pain, in some ways. I'm a massive Google user, though Latitude has never been one of those things, and I'm not digging how much Google+ is being pushed. There's more and more of what I consider junk appearing in my Google+ stream now, and it's somewhere I initially moved to because I was sick of the same thing on Facebook.

There are so many tracking apps out there, how is this an issue? And google has enough info your info, why give them your location also?

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I use this all the time with my family. It's great when you are meeting up somewhere you can see how far out they are. Or if you are at a large event and get separated it's so easy to bring that up and just walk to them.

Is there any other cross platform live background tracker like it to replace it with?? Checkins are nice but you have to remember to check in, latitude just worked, even when you forgot it was running....

This totally sucks! The Google+ check-in based system is completely inadequate, and it's deficient to boot. My fiance, several of my cousins, and I all use latitude frequently. Meanwhile, even with automatic check-ins enabled and home, work, and a half dozen other favorite locations configured, Google+ hasn't updated anyone's locations is seven days! At the very least, they should keep latitude until the replacement actually works.

I use Latitude regularly, since its the only way to track location of friends and family across platforms. In my experience, Apple "Friends" is buggy, much less reliable, and its a weak replacement.

I'm going to miss it big time! It's the one app my husband and I use on a daily basis. I use it to track his l-o-n-g Seattle area commutes home and have actually been able to have dinner ready and waiting for him the moment he walks in the door. Guess I won't be able to spoil him with Latitude enhanced meal planning and prep. Earlier this year an older family member went out on a solo motorhome journey into the American Southwest. She agreed to install Latitude on her smartphone. My husband and I were able to follow her to some pretty remote locations. Had she gotten into trouble and not been able to use her phone, Latitude would have been another useful tool in finding her and getting help to her in a timely manner. I think Google is really messing up on this decision.

Sure the kids probably don't want mom and dad using Latitude on them, and nor would a cheating spouse want to be Latitude Buddies with his/her family, but really there are all sorts of great applications for Latitude. Google, please salvage Latitude.