Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Sites experiencing disruptions; are they down for you?

Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Sites experiencing disruptions; are they down for you?

Google is reporting a service disruption with a few of its apps. Drive, Docs, Sheets and Sites are all experiencing disruptions, though they don't seem to be down for everyone. Google is looking into the issue and promises updates when they are resolved.

Are any of these apps down for you? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: Google Apps Status

Joseph Keller

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Andrew Rowan says:

Yes- I was not able to access google drive at 1:00p today. Kept loading

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Illustrator Joe says:

Not seeing it here. Been using lots of Google services today. No hiccups.

Anerdinthehouse says:

I have an essay due tomorrow that i was working on from my shared with me files on my google docs. I can't access it. This better get fixed i need to finish it up by tonight. (from Geneseo NY area)

Trappiste says:

I always keep offline copies of everything I am working on close to deadline. I figured that this way I need not learn the cloud-reliance lesson the hard way. And hence I did not burn my fingers with the recent Dropbox multiday downtime. Docs is down for me -- so offline it goes for today, too.

alsaydali says:

Stop used google since a while,, only account for youtube favourite, many people may thing I am crazy but I use ME .com for personal and for everything else, iCloud and OneDrive for storage and for PDF, no headache, no app will shutdown, nothing
I am happy far than Google Apps

Dev from tipb says:

One of my app engine sites was down for 15 minutes

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