Google Drive for iOS updated with multi photo/video upload, Quickoffice support, and more

Google Drive for iOS updated with multi photo/video upload, Quickoffice support, and more

Google Drive has just received an update that adds some new features as well as improvements for existing ones. New features include the ability to upload multiple photos and images at once as well as the ability to open and save Quickoffice documents directly to Google Drive.

Other new features included in the update is the addition of Helvetica Neue as a supported font when creating and editing documents. Other features are simply enhancements to existing functionality such as diagonal scrolling and cell formatting when working with spreadsheets. When working with spreadsheets you'll also be able to pinch to zoom on slides. Animation for slideshows have also been tweaked to flow better.

We haven't noticed much else but if you do, give us a shout in the comments to let us know!

Allyson Kazmucha

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Daytona says:

Has the app been optimized for the iPhone 5?

dustycraine says:

Can you compose new documents in landscape mode? I'd rather not write long form in portrait mode.

Ayjona says:

Strangely, no. The lack of landscape mode in the Drive app is one of the most surprising (and inexplicable) omissions in any Google-published software, to my mind. It's kinda bizarre to release an app dedicated to heavy text input, but exclude the input mode preferred by many of us who use our smartphones for extensive writing. What surprised me almost as much is that not a single site (not iMore, Ars Technica, Macstories, or iPhonehacks, nor any other I've found, or am able to scrounge up with a few Google searches) has mentioned this rather considerable deficit in any Google Drive app reviews and discussions.

Luckily, the support thread over at the Google Drive app forums is slowly filling up with requests for landscape mode.

eahinrichsen says:

I'm an Android user, so I can't say for sure, but in the Android version of Drive, there's no "New document" command on the menu when you're in landscape mode, but if you hit "New document" while in portrait mode and then rotate your phone, you can do the composing in landscape. It's a weird omission, but it's Google; they've never been known for their stunning attention to detail in menus.