Google Now getting new cards for reminders, media, transit, messages, and more!

Google Now getting new cards for reminders, media, transit, messages, and more!

If you use Google's prescient assistant service, Google Now -- available for iOS in the Google Search app -- well it's about to get better. At Google IO today they've announced a set of new Cards, including reminders, music, TV, movies, public transit, and messaging.

No word yet on when we'll see them in action -- or when Google will fix that pesky power drain/location issue -- but hopefully it'll be soon.

Anyone looking forward to the new cards? If you haven't tried Google Now on iOS yet? If not, grab it now!

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Google Now getting new cards for reminders, media, transit, messages, and more!


What power drain issue is everyone complaining about? I have google search on my 4 location services enabled and my battery will last 4 days. Granted it doesn't get much use but the placebo gps arrow stays on for days. Seems like if it was actually on 24/7 4 day battery life wouldn't happen.

I don't have any issues either with my 5. It's interesting, considering how everyone says the 5 already has power issues.

I'm wondering if this is a *perceived* power issue rather than an actual power issue. I think that many iOS power users have been conditioned to HATE having the Location Services arrow on because they interpret that to mean that GPS is on which does in fact 'drain' the battery (or at least uses a lot of battery). My understanding of this app and others (such as Passbook) is that they use the "significant-change location service" which is NOT the same as turning on the GPS radio.

I agree completely. And by the way, I am a huge fan of Google's services so I can't wait! Also, I'm hoping this app gets push soon.

I am not all in on google services, so it isn't as useful to me as Siri. These updates help give it Siri features, which suggests to me Siri will get the Google Now features soon

The battery use from Google Now is actually very very small. But just the arrow always being there is annoying enough to disable it.

No power issues for me. Battery life on my iPhone 5 is the same as always, which is to say, rubbish, but no more rubbish now I have Google Now running.

I tried going all iCloud but I have since returned to Google as it was causing conflicts with clients contacts and services. I have used Gmail for years so it hard to leave now. Having said I have downloaded the plethora of GOogle Apps and they are quite nice, especially Gmail and Search. IN fact I open the search app when I want to look for something now. I don´t notice any battery drain though.