Google Play Movies & TV is now... on iPhone and iPad!

Google releases Google Play Movies & TV for iPhone and iPad

No, this isn't a joke. It isn't a mirror universe. Google has really just gone and released Play Movies & TV for iPhone and iPad. That means any media bought though Google's Play store can now be watched on iOS. Of course, iOS revenue sharing rules being what they are, Google isn't opting to cut Apple in for 30%, so you can't purchase new content in-app. You need to go to Android or the web to do that. There are also some other limitations, at least right now. Streaming video requires a Wi-Fi connection and there's no local storage so you can't watch offline. However, the app does come with support for Google's Chromecast.

You can download this universal app right now from the App Store. If you use Google Play, give it a whirl on iOS and let me know what you think!

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Google Play Movies & TV is now... on iPhone and iPad!


So many streaming services to choose from... For meow, I'm sticking w/iTunes & Netflix.
(* I would like to take this moment to give UV the finger for only permitting some of their Digital Copy movies to play via iTunes. Especially since those offensive UV movie apps won't support AirPlay or have an Apple TV app. )

Sent from the iMore App

I just started using and had such high hopes for UV because I wanted physical discs and digital too but it is not impressing me so far. Guess I will just use iTunes and lament the disc lol.