Google Updates Google Earth for iPhone, iPad - Contains Ocean Layer Content!

Google updated it's Google Earth app for iPhone and iPad this morning, including Retina Display support and oceanic layer content that was previously unavailable to iOS users. With this new update, you can now zoom in below the surface of the ocean and view the deep trenches and geography of the ocean floor.

Taking a look at the underwater bathymetry on iPhone 4 Retina Display is, simply put, amazing, and a new experience for users on the go. You'll have to see it for yourself to truly understand what I'm trying to relay in this post.

Google Earth is a free app on Apple's App Store, and can be used with any iDevice.

[iTunes Store link, Google Lat Long Blog via Engadget]

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Reader comments

Google Updates Google Earth for iPhone, iPad - Contains Ocean Layer Content!


@HungWell: That was funny. I just wonder if they corrected some of the issue people were having like app startup speed. Doesn't sound like they did anthyhing except add some additional eye candy.

well the app should load faster on an iphone4 versus a 3gs or 3g.
How come tipb always bash google yet blog about its apps.
and google is actually strange I mean they are competing with apple yet they make an app for them.

Hum.. great... I suppose.
And then we wonder why these apps are slow as heck on a handheld device. I mean, who needs this on an iPhone.
1 word: bloatware.

Forget that, look for that blue diamond thing that old hag threw... wait... um there's is no blue dia... I've said too much.