Google Voice app, Basic interpreter hit App Store. New era begins?

A Google Voice app, GV Connect, and a Basic Interpreter, by way of Commodore 64, have both been approved and are now in the iTunes App Store.

These types of apps have been rejected, left in limbo, or pulled in the past. Following Apple's recent change of developer license and publication of plain-language approval guidelines, they're in the store.

[GV Connect on iTunes - $2.99, Commodore 64 on iTunes - $4.99]

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Google Voice app, Basic interpreter hit App Store. New era begins?


No, no reason, because Google Voice will automatically forward texts sent to your Google Voice number to the phone number you have in your account.
It has done this, without the need for an app.

I was curious about the same thing, so I looked it up on their official website, and it does not support push notification for received SMSs. In other words, it's just as effective as Google Voice's web interface (if not less so).

Good point, I didn't think about that.
I would say that you should write the developer and ask him if he is planning on adding that feature.
That's the best way to get what you want out of apps!

@ Anonymous
I tried writing Laan Labs umpteen times to ask when they would update their iTimelapse Pro app for the iPhone 4. No responses or updates ever.

The exclusion on push sucks, but I like the fact that I can send texts and make calls to contacts in my address book. I have a Mac, so I don't use Google's contact management.

I thought it was free for the first 12 hours, not that I am complaining about $2.99 but that was rumored and based on the first post here it only came out 2 hours ago.

I am going to wait for Sean Kovac's version. GV Mobile+... I believe his version will have push, and since I used to use GV Mobile, I trust his app more.

GV Mobile+ isn't going to have push right away, his sight says it is planned though. I picked up GV Connect, it's nice, it's almost everything I need (- push). It will certainly suffice until GV Mobile+ with push or an official Google Voice app comes out. It is sooooo much better than either of the web apps out there now (google & blackswan). Web apps really kind of suck on mobile.
I have had push for GV for a while. I'm using growl, it works well and they already even have a redirect for GV Connect so I can open it up to reply very easily.

What's amusing is how much Apple seems to be getting rid of the need for jailbreaks more and more.
What is GV Mobile+? Is there a website?
It's the app that was available on cydia. From his twitter stream it sounds like it is going to drop any minute now.
I think apple is realizing they need to open up to take on Android. Apple just took away one huge advantage that android had over the iphone in the geek community. There really aren't many reasons left to consider jailbreaking or looking at switching to android.

I hope this paves the way for more emulator apps. I doubt it will. But a guy can dream. I'm just not jailbreaking my iPad to have an SNES or N64 emulator or whatever. I managed to snag Nescaline while it was available, but it only does NES games. Oh well, this concludes my rant on emulators coming to the app store now (hopefully).
PS: I emailed Steve Jobs about custom SMS tones. That better become available. Or else. Moohoohahahahaha.

I looked at the website (I was typing in the wrong thing, haha), and it doesn't look any different than GV Connect. It looks the same. Is there a specific reason you guys prefer that INSTEAD of GV Connect, or just because of the act that you've already used it, so you're familiar with it?

I actually haven't used it. It's just gotten more press because it was already in the app store once, but it was pulled. I'm happy with Connect for now, I don't think I'll buy mobile+ until theres a compelling reason to do so.

I am waiting to see if GV Mobile+ has push SMS. If it has push SMS I can finally drop my ridiculously overpriced unlimited text plan!

You know, you can set up your Google Voice number with an app like Textfree to push SMS to your iPhone, and thus eliminate the need for a texting plan. However i just thought that it would be really cool to not have to do that, And just have one app to rule them all. I just typed all us with my brand new iPad. :D

According to his website he said about a week or so after it hits the app store Sean Kovacs plans on making the app FREE for about 12 hours. He will announce it on his twitter and his website/blog. So if you can wait on it ;-)

You can also have your texts and voicemails go to your gmail account. Since gmail pushes you get push texts to your email and it doesn't count toward texts used. That's what I do.