Groceries gets a new look, new smarts, new features, and more

Groceries by Sophiestication Software has hit version 3.0. The popular shopping list making app has also been given a complete redesign that not only provides for a fresh, new, oh-so 2013 look, but support for 4-inch iPhone and iPod touch screen sizes as well.

Additional new features include smart data detectors that recognize the units of measurement, making composition even faster and better, and a new share sheet to make messaging, emailing, etc. easier than ever.

If you already use Groceries, go get the update. If you haven't tried Groceries yet, and you like what you see, go grab it now:

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Groceries gets a new look, new smarts, new features, and more


I'm excited for this! I love Groceries, but I've been going through my iPhone 5 and deleting apps that haven't bothered to update for its new screen size. I was holding off on Groceries because I like it so much, and I'm glad it's finally been updated.

From what I can see, this app doesn't seem to support barcode scanning which I find indespensible in saving time and input effort when assembling lists. I have been using GroceryIQ which does basically everything Groceries does (Sharing, lists, etc) plus supports barcode and voice input and has been iPhone 5 screen compatible for quite some time.