Having trouble updating apps? Here's how to fix it

Having trouble updating apps? Here's how to fix it

Are you trying to update the apps on your device ahead of the release of iOS 7 and having trouble connecting to the App Store? The chances are that you may need to accept the new App Store terms and conditions.

The App Store should prompt you to accept the new terms and conditions when you either try to update an app, or when you download a new app for the first time. It may not grab you straight away, but when it does, you should be seeing the screen shown up top. Accept, and you're good to go!

Joseph Keller

Joseph Keller is a news reporter for iMore. He's also chilling out and having a sandwich.

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John Kerby says:

I'm having issues but I do not see this message at all. What should I do than?

stephen007 says:

Kill the App Store app & try again is really the only other option. But they are going to be BUSY today.

John Kerby says:

Me too did that and nothing works

karlbstumpf says:

I did that and still have issues updating apps. The App store may be busy busy busy...

icyrock1 says:

Same. I accepted the new term's and conditions (had 16 app updates, and I've yet to receive the iOS 7 update) and when I accepted the new terms, I didn't let me update my apps.

oscaramzz says:

I just agreed to the new terms and was able to update 1 app. But I wanted to update about 10 others but when I go back to the App Store it says "all apps up to date." when I search for Pandora for example it says update. But it does not show up in the updates tab. Any help?

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KamranMackey says:

Have you tried closing the App Store app and then re-opening it?

oscaramzz says:

Yup I tried that a couple times. I guess the "Updating" part of the App Store is down for now.

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stephen007 says:

Agree to the new terms & conditions... all 54 pages!

emjayess says:

Anyone know what these "new terms and conditions" are, i.e., the cliff notes version?!

Nycegye says:

I went to settings, signed out of the app store and then signed back in. Then went to the app store to download any free app and the terms and conditions popped up! :)

gorgekik says:

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Shan Tremb1 says:

I don't see the option to Accept the new terms and conditions anywhere. I've gone through all 54 pages, and nothing. I saw the initial message (as shown above) but no other message or option. It won't allow me to 'Send by Email' either. Please help!

Matt Keevil says:

I fixed this... I opened up App Store on my MacBook and downloaded a "Free" app. It asked me to accept the new terms and conditions which it gave me the option to accept. After accepting them on the Laptop I reopened the app store on the iphone and I didn't need to accept them again, and it started the updates.

Doug the Grinder says:

I had the same problem on four devices--app updates disappearing from the app store app--two of which aren't running iOS 7.

After syncing with iTunes, my app updates reappeared and seem to be working again.

MsBuzzman says:

Had the same problem for a couple days. I read this fix, and it works. On your iphone, allow cookies on the Safari browser. Close all apps, then reopen the app store, update your app, and the T&C will pop up this time with the agree button on the bottom right n the first page.