Hipstamatic Disposable by Synthetic Corp now available

Hipstamatic Disposable is Synthetic Corp's new photography app that brings a new twist to the idea of a social photography. With Hipstamatic Disposable, you take pictures as if you have a roll of film and you can't see the photos until the film gets "developed". However, you can share this roll of film with your friends so that they can contribute to the photos taken on the film. Once the film is used up, it gets developed and all the contributors have access to all the photos. Oh, and did I mention that the photos get processed with filters that Synthetic Corp is famous for?

I both love and hate this app. I love the concept, absolutely love it. It's going to be fun to share rolls of film on Christmas since about 8 of us have an iPhone or iPod touch and can contribute to taking pictures. But I hate how much of the screen is taken up by the graphics of a camera. It's kind of cool, but not practical. I need a bigger viewfinder, not a shutter button that takes up half the screen! I also hate the in-app purchase system. I am more than happy to purchase new cameras that use different filters, but Synthetic Corp requires that you buy rolls of film so that you have to continue making purchases if you want to take more pictures. It's $0.99 for a 9 pack, $1.99 for a 36 pack, and $4.99 for a 99 pack.

The new Hipstamatic Disposable-series camera makes it a snap to create and share a camera with your friends. From the first snap to the last, everyone shoots to one album, and at the end photos are magically exchanged to all of the camera's contributors. You'll never have to swap doubles or email from your friend's phone again. Sharing a roll of film has never been this much fun.

  • Design amazing disposable cameras to share with your friends
  • Instantly see everyones shots when the roll is complete
  • Share the entire album or individual prints to Facebook, Twitter, and Email
  • Get awesome new cameras from the in-app HipstaMart

Hipstamatic Disposable is available on the iPhone for free.

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Reader comments

Hipstamatic Disposable by Synthetic Corp now available


Sounds cool. In the original Hipstamatic, I decided the tiny little image preview is attempting to simulate the tiny little viewfinder found on old cameras. Having a nice big preview is a purely modern thing. :-) But hmm requiring buying rolls of film? Unless they are planning to send the physical photos in the mail, that may be taking the retro chic one step too far!

So you get to not see your pictures, in one of the best cameras in one of the best smartphones in the world, and the intent is to make the pictures look like you took them with a 3 dollar disposable from a drug store?
You know, I think I'll pass on this one.