How to add fingerprints to Touch ID on your iPhone

Touch ID lets you have the security of a 4-digit passcode or the strength of an alphanumeric password, and yet still conveniently access your iPhone using your fingerprint. There are up to 5-slots in Touch ID, and you can use them to register your own fingers, a combination of yours and your family or colleagues, You can even temporarily register a travel-mate just in case of emergencies, without having to give them your passcode or password. Best of all, adding new fingerprints to Touch ID is easy.

How to register additional fingerprints to Touch ID

  1. Launch the Settings app from your Home screen.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Touch ID & Passcode.
  3. Enter your passcode if prompted.
  4. Under the Fingerprints section, tap Add a Fingerprint...

iOS when then walk you through the Touch ID fingerprint registration process. When you're done, repeat again for any additional fingerprints you want to register. If you want to remove any of them later, that's even easier.