How to get Siri to tell you a bedtime story

Siri, Apple's personal digital assistant for iPhone and iPad, can do far more than make calls or appointments, send texts or set alarms — it can read children a bedtime story. It takes a little work to coax Siri into doing it, but the smiles you get in return make it more than worthwhile.

To get started, say to Siri: "Please read me a story". If Siri gives you a web search result or movie search result, try varying the words a little. Try "Please read me a bedtime story", for example. If Siri says "what again?" or "I'm sure you've heard it before" or "It was a dark and stormy night... no, that's not it", that's your cue to press on. Ask Siri again. And again. It might take 3 or more tries, but eventually you'll get...

Once upon a time, in a virtual galaxy far, far away there was an intelligent young agent by the name of Siri...

It goes on for several paragraphs.

This is by no means a new Siri feature. It's been part of Siri since it launched in 2011 but it's the kind of this worth sharing and re-sharing. It's the kind of Pixar-like touch that makes Siri seem so relatable. So delightful. So human.

If you've found any other great Siri hidden gems, please let me know!

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How to get Siri to tell you a bedtime story


You know, as much as I love Google now for the things it does, I'd love to see Google throw in some cool commands like this use to make Google Now a little more down to earth.

That said, I use GN more frequently than Siri, but dang do I love these little things Apple does with it.

Posted via the Android iMore App!

Ask Siri which is the best monile OS .. Ask it 4-5 times .. She will give u amazing answers.. Ask her which the best computer OS .. She gave me this"even if you travel the universe, you won't find a better operating system than Mac OS X"

These little Siri details are important building blocks in the relationship we are developing with AI. After all, who do you trust with your personal information? Google Now (nobody really trusts them do they?) or Siri, the one who reads your kids a bedtime story?

This stuff is barely cute, but oh so completely useless. If and when I use Siri, I want information, not a bedtime story. And was that the story that was supposed to give me all kinds of smiles? Please...

Google Now is far better at giving me useful information. Think I'll stick to that. I guess if I want a lame bedtime story, I know where to go. Thanks...

Oh for crying out loud.

It's a fun little easter egg meant for humor. Quit getting your panties up in a bunch over who's digital assistant is the best, drop the fanboy sourness, and lighten up a little, francis.

It's no different than asking Google Now to do a barrel roll, which I ALSO find humorous ("oh noes! that's not useful! what garbage!")


Wouldn't you rather have them improve the useful functions of Siri, as opposed to making cute little Easter Eggs? Why would I ever ask Google Now to do a barrel roll?? Guess I just have better ways to waste my time... like replying to this nonsense. lol

I'm sure that the 10 minutes it took some Apple engineer to type up a fun little story to make people chuckle totally crippled Siri's development. By that measure, Google Now's easter eggs destroyed it as well. Come on now...

Seriously, not trying to be snarky at all, lighten up a little. Why so uptight?

Talk about missing the point entirely. You can ask Siri for plenty of useful information or you can ask Siri to "read me a bedtime story". If you can't figure out the difference between these 2 things there is no AI that will help you.

We're not talking about business executives tucking themselves into bed and asking their iPads to read them a story. We're talking about kids, you know, the ones that love playing games, doodling and watching videos on the iPad. And you cannot see why a child would want Siri to read them a story? Really?

Have you even heard of Audible?

Sorry, when I grew up parents took the time to tell their kids stories. But parenting today is a whole other issue.

I guess everyone is allowed to think it's cute, and I'm not?? That's cool...

Way to play the victim here but it's not about you. It's about technology becoming a part of our lives (sometimes for the better and sometimes not).

So you get to choose to read all the stories to your kids and leave Siri out of it. I'm personally allowing it.

So you're ok with putting a piece of technology next to your kids and having that read to them rather than you taking the time to read to them??? I'm worried about where we are headed...

Doesn't work for me, maybe because I have Siri set you UK english? He just suggests two movies called bed time story.

Update changed it to female UK siri and she read a nice story.

Unfortunately, she will only tell the story once. I tried to get her to do it again, and all she says is that she is sure she told it to me before. = (

So "parenting" has come to... this? Once upon a time, boys and girls, parents used to read their kids bedtime stories all by themselves. Nighty night!

My favorite newer one is "what does the fox say?".

My wife rolls her eyes at me when I show it to someone else...I don't care. :P

I think you need to say "what does the fox say" exactly. Otherwise, it will try to do a web search. Even 'What's the fox say' doesn't work.

Worked the first time for me- kinda funny. No need to get up into arms people. Easter eggs like this are just for fun