How to pair a Bluetooth keyboard with your Apple TV

How to pair a Bluetooth keyboard with your Apple TV

While navigating and selecting with the Apple TV remote control works fine, trying to enter a search term or a password is tedious and frustrating. The Remote app can help ease the pain, but nothing beats a real keyboard when it comes to typing. Luckily, Apple makes it possible to pair a Bluetooth keyboard with your Apple TV so that you never have to struggle again!

How to use a Bluetooth keyboard with your Apple TV

Before beginning, keep in mind that not all Bluetooth keyboards will work. Most will but some keys may not function if they don't use Apple's layout. Mostly all Apple wireless Bluetooth keyboards should work just fine.

  1. Make sure your keyboard is On and Discoverable.
  2. Click on Settings from the main menu of your Apple TV.
  3. Now click on General.
  4. Now choose Bluetooth.
  5. Your Apple TV should find your keyboard. Click on it in the list of Bluetooth devices your Apple TV finds.
  6. A four-digit code should appear on the screen of your TV. Enter it on your keyboard.
  7. If the pairing was successful, you should now see the word Connected next to your keyboard in the Bluetooth menu of your Apple TV.

You should now be able to use your Bluetooth keyboard with your Apple TV.

How to get more help with your Apple TV

If you need any additional help or have specific questions check out our Apple TV Forum!

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How to pair a Bluetooth keyboard with your Apple TV


Great tip, Ally. The Remote app really isn't very good. It loses state when my iPad mini sleeps, so I need to tap the "navigation controls" button again. You'd think it would be easy to save the current state: device (Apple TV), app (Netflix), content (Mad Men season 1 episode 8), and completion percentage (95% done.) But no, Remote just dumps you into "Songs" when it restarts after napping.

If I ever have time to visit an Apple Store, I'll think about snagging another Apple BT keyboard for my Apple TV.

The idea of the keyboard is great but someone did not thought about other countries than the USA. :-(
The keyboard layout can not be chosen, it is fixed to US keyboard which is not really usable with my German keyboard.

The stock remote definitely sux but the remote app has been my go to and works fine for me. Thanks to DRM and cable log ins I'm not able to fully unleash my Apple TV. If that changes I will definitely be buying a keyboard for it!

Sent from the iMore App

Everyone with an Apple TV should have a BT Keyboard! It is so handy for when you need to do searches or type in email addresses and passwords. Plus you can navigate through the menus just as easily if not more using the arrow and enter keys. I bought a Zippy BT-500 just for my Apple TV which I highly recommend. It small enough that it fits into my remote caddy but so large that it's a pain to store. The keys have a satisfying click, it has a traditional key layout, and you can pair to 6 devices so you could use it with your phone or iPad in a pinch.

Can you type in the Computers section to skip around through your library? This is what i really need as i hate scrolling through all of my local content. Or if only we could have the list combine seasons of tv show like the original apple tv did.