How to properly label your Touch ID fingerprints

How to properly label your Touch ID fingerprints

Touch ID makes it easy to register your fingerprints so you can unlock your iPhone 5s or make iTunes purchases without a passcode or password. Once you've registered a few, however, the default labels Touch ID assigns them are pretty much useless when it comes to figuring out which is which. That's especially true if you've registered a family member's fingerprint so they can share your iPhone. Luckily Apple does let you rename Touch ID fingerprint labels to make them much easier to keep track of and trouble shoot later!

How to re-name a Touch ID fingerprint

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Touch ID & Passcode.
  3. Type in your passcode when asked.
  4. Rest a finger on the Touch ID sensor (Home button)
  5. When the corresponding label for that finger turns gray, tap on the > button to the right of the label.
  6. Type in a new, more recognizable name for your fingerprint. (i.e. right thumb.)

Repeat the steps 4-6 until all your fingerprints are labeled.

Now, if you ever want to see if a specific finger is registered, re-register or delete your or someone else's finger, you can do so quickly and easily! You can also use those steps to better train Touch ID:

How to get more help with Touch ID

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How to properly label your Touch ID fingerprints


I didn't know you could do that. I'm almost tempted to start over and redo all my fingers ... so I can save the work of redoing them all when a single one of them isn't working well.

No need to redo them, open the touch id settings screen and place a registered finger on the scanner and whatever slot it's registered to pulses, so you know which one it is.

Also if you are really pedantic you can use Emoji icons of fingers and thumbs (as well as text) to quickly show you the digits in question.

I wish I knew this before YESTERDAY! Yesterday I deleted my existing fingerprints and added new ones so I could label them. I could not recall which finger each "Fingerprint #" was from last year. "Missed it by 'that' much!"

This is an iOS 7.1 feature but if you have 7.0.x or if you are jailbroken, you simply go into touchID where the fingerprints are located and hit the Edit button in the upper right and then just tap on the text to rename. You do not have to delete your prints to do this. Hope that helps!