Taking an iPad screenshot might be second-nature to some, but Apple doesn't tell you how to do it out of the box.

So, not everyone may yet know how to capture their iPad, iPad Air, or iPad mini screen content with just the touch of a button (well, two buttons actually). Whether you want to capture a conversation or a score, keep something safe or share it socially, once you know how, it's easy to do!

How to capture a screenshot with the iPad

  1. Go to the screen you want to capture.
  2. Grip your iPad firmly
  3. Click the Home button and Sleep/Wake button at the same time.

If you find it hard to press both buttons simultaneously, you can press and hold one first, then click the other. If you're trying to take a screenshot of your Lock screen, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button first, then click the Home button, or Touch ID might kick in and auto-unlock before you get your screenshot.

If you nail the timing, the screen will flash and you'll hear the same camera shutter sound that the Camera app makes when you take a photo.

To access and share your screenshots go to Photos and open Camera Roll. They'll be the latest ones added!

Here's a video showing all the screen capture steps: