How to watch the 2014 Super Bowl live on your iPhone or iPad

How to watch the 2014 Super Bowl live on your iPhone or iPad

Super Bowl 48 is upon us and for the first time ever, FOX is offering ways for you to watch it live, no cable subscription required! So if you can't sit in front of the TV this Sunday with your friends and family, you can tune in on your iPhone or iPad and catch up with all the action when the Broncos and the Seahawks take the field. Here's how!

How to watch the Super Bowl live on your iPad

Anyone can stream the 2014 Super Bowl live if they have an iPad. All you have to do is download the FOX Sports GO app before game time. Then before the game officially starts, just load it up and you're good to go. Typically FOX Sports GO requires you to have a cable provider in order to use the app. These restrictions will be lifted temporarily for the Super Bowl from 12am Eastern time on Sunday, February 2nd until 3am Eastern on Monday, February 3rd.

How to watch the Super Bowl live on your iPhone (Verizon customers only)

Due to a licensing deal with Verizon, FOX can't live stream the Super Bowl to iPhones, or any smartphone for that matter, unless you're a Verizon customer that subscribers to NFL Mobile Premium. For those not already familiar with the service, it costs $5 a month and you'll need to download the NFL Mobile app to your iPhone via the following link:

  • NFL Mobile - Free (subscription required for live streaming) - Download Now

Other ways to stream the Super Bowl live

If you don't have an iPad and Verizon wireless isn't your wireless provider, that doesn't mean you can't live stream the 2014 Superbowl. If you've got a Mac or PC you can go to the following website in order to watch a free live stream of the game:

Same deal as the FOX Sports GO app for iPad, content will be available for a limited time the day of the Super Bowl for anyone.

How will you be watching the 2014 Super Bowl?

Now that we've talked about a few alternative ways to keep up with all the Super Bowl action, we want to know how you plan on spending this Super Bowl Sunday. Do you gather around the big screen with a group of family and friends -- or does everyone head down to the local sports bar? Let us know in the comments!

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marcus hobson says:

I think it's live on the BBC in Britain, so plenty options for phone or tablet viewing through the night

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Richard Devine says:

Channel 4 I think. And Sky Sports for anyone who uses Sky Go

Becjr says:

What's the Super Bowl.

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Derrick4Real says:

there should be laws against watching the Super Bowl on a screen smaller than 50 inches or in standard definition.

ScooterG says:

Can it be cast to your big screen?

asuperstarr says:

Thanks for these suggestions. I will definitely check out the fox sports app!

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Omar Faruk2 says:

Watch Super Bowl live streaming free HD TV,super bowl online is the best site for nfl live final american football on pc,laptop or app.

ccppl208 says:

AVN 3641 Baby face Nis Nis An An 5

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commonstreaminginfo says:

I saw an easy way to watch Super bowl xlviii live on

Spartacuswines says:

Can you please add "only in the U.S." For App that are not available in other countries please? I love your commentary, but when I go to download the Ap, I can't because is only in the US!

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wallsmithlee says:

The fan of Seahawks deduce that the team will win with huge difference of goals. Both of the team strong enough of their team confidence and team spirits.

joe aruba says:



2. on any device

3. No install, watch directly online

4. Great free Replays section

5. Enjoy

Unfortunatly that's expensive one option from nlf com this year. I need to watch this game on my xperia, can even pay few $ but is it worth for one game only ? I'm trying MANSCAVEFOOTBALL COM right now i see that it's worth ...

Ed Howell says:

I'm certainly not streaming it over the internet! Tried it during playoffs and it was a terrible experience. Unwatchable in fact. You realize you don't need cable either? FOX is a network so it is "streamed" 24/7 over the good old airwaves. That's how I'll be watching it, in HD!!

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Rowanova says:

Over the airwaves on a large wide screen HD.

BBQ & microbrews. :)

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nikkisharif says:

I worked Super Bowl Sunday last year, so NFL Mobile was a life saver!!!

Omar Faruk2 says:

Watch Super Bowl 2014 Seahawks vs Broncos live streaming online free HD TV match takes place on 2 February at MetLife Stadium.

Connor Mason says:

I don't need electronics to see the Superb Owl outside my window

James Furn1 says:

Super what? :)

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John Kerby says:

Is there any app for Canadians to watch the NFL SUPER BOWL tonight?

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Mrdevali says:

Funny so iPhone and AT&T = screwed lol

asuperstarr says:

I'm going to watch live. But I've downloaded the fox go app for quick bathrooms or snack breaks.

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Pirate Arr says:

Eh, the only reason I watch is the halftime simple as that. I can easily find the movie commercial afterwords on YouTube same goes to halftime.

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ccppl208 says:

Hi hi 3 more

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nite732 says:

Gonna be using my sling player for iPad since I'm at work.

mjcostajr says:

Thanks for this! Time Warner Cable keeps stuttering at friends house so were streaming from iPad to Apple TV!

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verpeiler089 says:

Match stated at 0:30 in germany, I think I fell asleep at 2 ;-)

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