i3D app now available in App Store, head tracking glasses free 3D [video]

i3D, the app we posted about last month that showing a concept of glasses free 3D using Head-Coupled Perspective on the iPhone 4 and iPad 2. Well the app used for the demo video is now available in the App Store. There has been a huge interest in the technology with over 1.5 million views of the videos to date!

The app known as i3D, tracks the face of the user in real time. This information tells the app how the user is looking at the display and updates the perspective of the 3D scene giving the user the illusion that he is looking at a small window.

The app is available for free and will work with the iPad 2, iPhone 4 and 4th generation iPod touch. If you want a refresh on how well this works, take a look at the video after the break. If you download the app, let us know what your think in the comments!

[Free - iTunes Link]

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i3D app now available in App Store, head tracking glasses free 3D [video]


The video looked more promising.
The image is a bit choppy, but it's defiantly a step in a great direction!! Good job guys!!

Yes, the rendering is a bit choppy and it loses track of your face quickly as you rotate around to see the 3d elements. perhaps there is a better environment than a dimly lit cubicle.

It doesn't detect the face well even with the instructions listed. Wish to have a manual face detection!
The idea is great and might be employed in some applications requiring 3D viz. Great job!

HoloToy has had this for about a year now. Most people are finding that smooth, accurate, reliable headtracking isn't trivial and the lens angle of the iPhone and iPad cameras is too narrow for it to be really useful.

Yeah, highly unimpressed. The demo video looks MUCH more "3D" than the actual app. I still have the feeling of looking at a 2D image that's 3D rendered, much like a FPS. -1 to i3D

They should call it, "The App That Puts A Square Around Your Face". That's all it did. Lame!

You should try closing one eye while doing this. It makes the effect much more impressive. Closing one eye forces the perspective to the brain. The fact that is is monocular 3d (not stereo) makes this necessary to get the best 3D effect. This technology is perfect for Pirates.
Also don't hold the iPad yourself.
This is a great tech proof of concept. Kudos to the creators

It does work but I found it needs a few moments to "see" you. It works better if you're not wearing sunglasses. A tad choppy but VERY promising. The effect is very cool. I think being able to choose which setup to use with the springboard would be great.I hope if/when it's ready to integrated they find a way speed up the tracking. Allowing us to try it was a great way to promote it. I'll be sure to show my iFriends.

Hello! It's NOT 3D! It's NOT 3D without Glasses! It's NOT simulated 3D.
What it IS, is very cool. It's a great test of the tech. It's insightful and will inspire a lot of Development.
But let's call it what it is, and not say it's something it's not!

It's 3d through a camera. I took my brothers i4 and looked at my screen through the camera and it looked 3d. Without it, it's a simulated 2d.5 image.

Very Interesting idea to match how people view things. Face recognition is a bit shaky though. Maybe should use the gyro / compass