IM+ update brings Neighbors [give-away]

IM+, the popular instant messaging app for iPhone and iPad, has updated to 5.0 and bring a new feature called Neighbors. With Neighbors, you can locate your friends on a map and chat with people nearby.

Neighbors offers a new dimension of communication in IM+ by providing users the opportunity to find new real life connections and friends with common interests. When signed in, users of Neighbors IM+ will be able to locate friends on the map, chat with local friends as well as initiate conversations with other people who are located nearby.

The update also includes:

  • New services icons
  • DND/Busy status support
  • Account history delete
  • Multiple bug fixes

The folks at SHAPE Services generously provided us with a few promo codes for IM+ Pro to give away to our readers! For a chance to win, just let us know what you think of the new Neighbors feature in the comments below!

[$9.99 for Pro - iTunes link] [Free for lite - iTunes link]

Leanna Lofte

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There are 82 comments. Add yours.

jgr627 says:

Def creepy but def would give it a try so what's up HOOK ME UP WITH THAT PROMO

boldman4 says:

Sounds interesting. Wouldn't mind trying it out . . .

Jbbarrette says:

I'm unemployed at the moment and need to bug, I mean find my friends and chat!

mattyb1978 says:

Sounds interesting. I would love to try it out.

Allie says:

Such an awesome feature! They really nailed it with that one...
I wonder how many ppl it will pick up in my area...

Mike says:

This is pretty cool.
I can find my mother, wife or brothers with this if they ever have car problems on a highway

The2ndMessiah says:

Wow never heard of it, looks pretty sweet! Gonna download the lite version to try it out :)

D0ppelganger says:

Sounds a bit like what Buzz promised in google maps. Hopefully won't turn in to something scarier with randoms

Ben says:

Sounds like a cool feature. Would like to try it out for real.

curtis.metz says:

With lots of friends on the I phones it would be a good tool to text and find them. Pretty cool App. will download the lite and give it a spin.

JBoen says:

Great to have it. Currently on beejive, see if its better.

big9erfan says:

That looks pretty sweet on the iPad, reminds me of Google Latitude. I'd like to try it out.

gilson says:

i've been using the free version and it's nice. Geolocation seems to be a good idea!

Andy F says:

Interesting twist. I think it would have good public safety uses. Would like to try it out. Thx

Kevin says:

This is an awesome app, but it's too expensive. Reminds me of the Blackberry AppWorld where everything is overpriced.

NovaTornado says:

Interesting but I hope they just generalize ur location to prevent creepy people from knowing where u live...

hggs says:

Sounds good, will try out the lite version to see how it holds up.

MarilynneN says:

It'd be interesting to see who nearby was using it, but I doubt I'd drop a "Hello, I was stalking the neighborhood and you popped up in my IM+!" on anyone.

Mariusz says:

Sounds very interesting. It would be nice to try that. I always wanted a IM app that can connect to all my networks. :)

pink2 says:

I used to use this on my Blackberry and would LOVE to have it on my iPhone and the new features sound interesting.

Norm says:

Pretty sweet but I can see it creeping out a lot of people.

OrionAntares#CB says:

Sounds interesting. Is it included in the lite version or just in the paid version?

iquanyin says:

i think its a great feature!

ragavbpl says:

Location based services are the future of mobile communications. Shape moving forward in this direction is obviously going to keep it one step ahead :)

Joe says:

It sounds interesting at least. Worth writing up a review for perhaps.

Modi says:

The service is pretty cool. The only downside is I ran into a bug. The app keeps crashing when you choose photo album to change your "neighbors" picture. One other thing I would change is maybe zoom out and zoom in when seeing where contacts are. Just so you can get a better idea of where the person you are talking to is located. Other than those two, its a great implementation and looks awesome on the iPad!

maj8614 says:

Would be really cool to try out at concerts, games, and other events when you weren't aware that some of your friends were there, too. Sounds cool!

cuilo says:

So cool! I really want it try!! please send me a code!!

chan7 says:

lets see my friend near by me ^_^

johntmeche3 says:

I guess that's pretty cool. It's pretty cool.

Aroberts says:

dont know about the neighbors feature, need a promo code 1st...

OMMBoy says:

Hi, Leanna! I've always felt that IM+ was just another instant messaging app, so I never really had any interest in it. But since they've added the Neighbors feature, it's really piqued my interest. I wonder if it's anything like Patch or Home Elephant...?

iroc84 says:

Can never have to many friends!! Always looking for one more!

Bacco says:

Unless I missed something in settings, it would be nice to have the ability to limit the area covered by the neighbors feature. As it stands now that feature pulls in people from over 5k miles away.

MacBipes says:

I think the neighbors feature is cool until someone wants to meet in person. Might be risky, but I'll try it out!

Ben says:

Definitely cool. Been looking for a good IM client

tnations says:

It's a cool feature. I like being able to quickly find and chat with friends nearby.

djayme7 says:

sounds sweet, i'd give it a test drive.

Rody K. says:

I've been using the lite version on my iPad and iPhone for a while and I have to say this is certainly the best IM app for iOS especialy in terms of customization. The new Neighbors feature is just the frosting on an already amazing app - a very good solution to expand your friends list. Hopefully it can be turned off for privacy fanatics like myself :)

Mike says:

Neighbors+ looks like an interesting service - I certainly hope Privacy is a top concern though. I'd love a promo code for the Pro version! :)

Carioca32 says:

Is this new? Google Latitude anyone?

Tallon says:

this looks pretty cool... easy to find out who's around

Leandro says:

I love IM+, but I just bought it! And I would love to win the app contest or whatever!

Alex says:

Looks pretty, but I doubt I would ever use something like that feature.

Richard says:

This is something im going to try. I live in a neighborhood full of old people and it will be fun to see just how tech savvy some, if any, of them are. A pro version wouldn't hurt too :D

gatortone says:

I like IM+ on my iPad. Definitely want to try the latest update with Neighbors+.

SRASC says:

Sounds interesting, but not something new to the field. I'd probably use it to see, but not so much use it to interact with the majority.

Donny7 says:

Love IM+! Me and my g/f use it all the time

SteveW928 says:

Looks like a great app to consolidate my various IM services... but I don't think I care much about the Neighbors feature. I'd love a free copy of Pro. :)

frog says:

It pinpoints your exact address to random strangers? Not 100% sure I like that idea...

jafo818 says:

Yes, it does. It's a bit creepy. I quickly changed my "location accuracy" to "City" so it just shows the city I'm in, which is good enough for me. You can click on an icon to view the map of anyone in the list. That means you can easily click a few times to get directions to their exact location via Google Maps. This is the DEFAULT setting... Not too smart.

andsoitgoes says:

It actually might be interesting. A little strange, but hey - so is talking at someone on the subway...
I wonder if there's a way to weed out sex offenders? ;)

dbabbel says:

If Fred Rodgers could have had an iPad this would be his app.

radko93 says:

Neigbours feature is great because it will help to find new friends on our area ;) I would love to get a code ;)

Nick says:

I liked Google Latitude but none of my friends used it, hopefully this is a great alternative.

epaminos says:

Interesting idea! But everyone is afraid! No one wants to be watched/spied!

Mist_1 says:

Interesting feature. I always liked the nearby tweets on Twitter - curious to see what the buzz is about around me - and this looks somewhat similar.

Gradinaru says:

I don't think this feature is necessary.

weemoogle says:

Other than a wee bit creepy and stalkerish, the new neghbor feature does sound like it could be fun. Just another way to expand on the IM idea.

jafo818 says:

It's a nice feature, but has many flaws in it's initial implementation. First and foremost, during the signup for their Neighbors service, it should ask you what level of "location accuracy" you prefer, and the default should be "City". They do not ask you this, and the default is "Maximum", meaning they show your full street address to anyone who sees you in their "Neighbors" list.
The other big flaw is that the Neighbors list is sorted by name, and not by distance. And there's no way to change the sorting. The default should be by distance, so you can actually chat with people nearby. The top of my Neighbors list shows somone named "Ashfin" that is 9656 miles away in "Arak, Iran". How is this a "neighbor"?

Alex says:

I'd love a free copy of the pro version. I have used the lite version in the past, but it was always buggy and I didn't like the adds. It would be a great upgrade for my social needs if I could get the pro version. Overall it is a great app with potential, and I have heard alot of good things, just need to get the full version for it to work to the best of it's potential.

gjlowe says:

Not sure I want folks to know exactly where I am. However, I don't live near any I got that going for me.

Tommy says:

Don't believe I need the neighbors feature but would love to win a free copy of the app.

Isma says:

It looks like a good addition to this great app i use the free version all the time

Rod says:

I dont know what to say about this... I dont have this software on my iPad... But it would be nice to have it with a promo code.

Dhenz says:

I think it's gonna be fun to chat with people near where we are. But I won't use it in my house coz we never know if there is a bad guy near our home.

matija says:

Using IM+ lite for some time now and I love it. I would really like to have a chance to test PRO version.

Ben Smith says:

Well, that's great! A bit of Google Latitude, a bit of Facebook Places, a bit of Foursquare, a bit of Google Places, all mixed up with some IM+ flavour = the perfect recipe! Hm, I'd love to try this one! ;)

Ben says:

Sounds great but is it going to be based on an existing service like google latitude or some internal solution?
I'd prefer the first.

Patrick says:

I been thinking of switching from Beejive. Would like to see what this one is like.

kirbini says:

But what if you have bad neighbors? Either way, I'm still in for one.

Christoph says:

I kinda like that feature if you're in an environment where people are open to meeting somebody else. It's almost like these old bars where every table had a telephone with a number and you could call just here you bring your device yourself. I'd love to try it and see who I can meet =)

Master Pee says:

Sounds interesting and I'd like to try it out.

Master Pee says:

Woops forgot my email. It's attached to this post :)

Escher0 says:

I'm not sure I'd ever use it to talk to random people unless I'm at a concert or other large event.

Bojomojo says:

I am totally with the idea, I love it, but they have to take into consideration that blocked/ignored users dont get my status.. or if they see me near and online it would be a blast lol!
Diffently going to try it out if I decide to get IM+ over Buzz

Kevmeister! says:

Still on? i'll like to have it please :P

Gfsd says:

add me on Slim Bwoy--- or follow me on twitter @SlimBwoy