Updated: Nine Inch Nails App Update: REJECTED!

According to one of Trent Reznor's latest tweets, an update to the very popular and crafty Nine Inch Nails application has been rejected by Apple.

Apple rejects the NIN iPhone update because it contains objectionable content. The objectionable content referenced is "The Downward Spiral"

For any of you not familar, The Downward Spiral was Reznor's 1994 hit album that featured the popular song "Closer". It's a pretty good guess that is the song that put a halt to this update hitting the App Store. But wait one second... you can purchase this complete album including that particular song right one iTunes?!

Not much to say about this one but wow... just wow.

Update: Our good friend from WMExperts, @PhilNickinson, just sent over a link from the NIN forums where Trent Reznor has posted a bit more information on the rejection. Turns out The Downward Spiral is not even available to listen to in the updated app yet the objectionable content is The Downward Spiral... We are scratching our heads as well.

[Thanks to Juan for the tip!]

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Reader comments

Updated: Nine Inch Nails App Update: REJECTED!


well if apple piss off trent enough, nearly all of nin.com will suddenly boycott apple, then they'll lost half their annual profit from this loss alone. those tools should be approving apps like this rather than infanticide simulators.

Just buy the album. Forget the app. There are more useful apps that have been rejected. Some of those are the the tragedies.

Amazing! I learned something new today. NIN fans make up roughly one half of all iTunes music sales each year. Sarcasim aside that is bs. Apple should definitly have a standard for approvals. Maybe if they had all aprovals go through one person. Like the guy that allowed babyshake get through.

I can see how it got rejected. I believe it's a mistake though, and will probbly be fixed in the next day or two.