for 2.0 is Coming Soon, the app store before that other app store, is coming back for firmware 2.0 and being re-fashioned as Installer 4. Currently, jailbroken 2.0 iPhones are using Cydia as their main app pipeline but when Installer 4 is released, well, they'll likely play nice with one another and especially nice with that other app store.

The RiP Dev Blog has a lot of complicated, programmer's type language describing the updates for Installer 4.0 so I'll try to translate to more understandable, layman's terms: It's going to be faster, safer, and more integrated. Bang.

The release of Installer 4.0 seems to be imminent but well, really, there's no rush, many of the apps that were available for 1.1.x aren't quite ready for the big time yet. So take your time with Installer 4.0. We here at TiPb would almost always prefer a little delayed polished product over a rushed, rough, not as advertised..yeah, we're looking at you MobileMe.



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Reader comments for 2.0 is Coming Soon


I'm still waiting for a MyGlobalTalk app for my iPhone, and I'm guessing it won't be on Installer or Cydia. I get other nice programs from those two, such as SSH and Safari patches, but why do there have to be two programs? I prefer the feel of Cydia, but Installer lets you add sources. Why not just add the ability to add sources to Cydia and call it a day?

flash will never ever work with ipod touch or iphones.
Apple has made an agreement with Youtube to never allow it. I know, thinking of all the different possibilites you can have with having flash....>:D
but i'm afraid its just not gunna be :_)

dk206 i doubt that's true. Google owns YouTube and they were also one of the first to start messing with the iPhone/Touch with iPHUC. I expect even if it doesn't come out as an official add-on somebody will figure it out and put it on Installer or Cydia.