iOS 5 features: AirPlay Mirroring for FaceTime

iOS 5 features: AirPlay Mirroring for FaceTime

iOS 5 beta 3 seems to have enabled another feature -- AirPlay mirroring for FaceTime. If this makes it into the final release -- and not everything does -- it'll be fantastic for families and businesses alike.

The ability to easily start a video call and beam it onto the big screen is compelling. Whether it's grandpa and grandma, or the team in England, it takes FaceTime from a small, personal experience to a big, group experience at the touch of a button.

I snuck out to a developer friend's place to try it out, and yeah. Magical.

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iOS 5 features: AirPlay Mirroring for FaceTime


I believe the feature is simply "AirPlay mirroring", and that it happens to be quite convenient with FaceTime—as opposed to the feaute being "AirPlay mirroring for FaceTime".

I just hope they come out with a Bluetooth or micro-USB attachment for an iSight camera to tack onto the 2g Apple TV. After selling off my old Apple TV's for the 2g ones, I'd hate to toss these ones again to get a 3g one that includes a flatscreen and an integrated camera (unless it was multitouch!)

I'm guessing either that or Apple TV 3 will have a FaceTime HD camera built into the front so that you can position it right under/over the TV. If anyone has ever used Cisco Telepresence, it could be like that experience, but way more accessible and affordable

Yeah, been doing that with my notebook and Skype for years now. Don´t think any businesses will be blown away by this.
BTW, the colors on Skype look much, much better.

Reminds me of when Peter (Family Guy) gets the HDTV, and they see the hot news caster on it...this will be a real life episode of that.

um... is that not a kinect camera? You can do the same thing with msn and the Kinect. Just saying!

Is there a new filter in AirPlay called "Old Devo Video"? How did you turn that on?! :)
Seriously tho- very cool. Better than having the family scrunched around my iPhone/iPad because its the only device that does VC reliably AND without a dozen peripheral cords (a serious feng shui no no).