iOS App Store updated to include Purchase History

The App Store on iPhone and iPad has been updated to include your purchase history. It's located under the "Updates" tab.

When you tap "Purchased", you will see tabs for all your purchases and ones that are not on that device. Apps that are not installed on your device have an iCloud icon with an arrow inside that will download the app when tapped. Tapping anywhere else on the app row will take you to that app in the App Store so you can learn more about it. To search for apps in either list, just pull down to review a search field.

Having access to my purchase history is a welcomed addition to the App Store. What are your thoughts on the purchase history?

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Leanna Lofte

Former app and photography editor at iMore, Leanna has since moved on to other endeavors. Mother, wife, mathamagician, even though she no longer writes for iMore you can still follow her on Twitter @llofte.

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Reader comments

iOS App Store updated to include Purchase History


I guess Verizon iPhone users won't have access to this feature (or the similar ones in iTunes) until we get iOS 4.3 or 5?

It's nice, sometimes I forget if I already paid for an app on the iphone and if it's free to download it again.

What'd be better is to have it set up the same way that the iPad is, wherein if you go to an app that you already own, instead of "Buy", you see "Install".

@Leanna I'm going to take credit for telling you this via twitter, even if you had already started writing it before tweeted! This wasn't on the site when i sent that :)

Couldn't find it under updates on my iPad but I'm really blind, it has its own tab. I only have 206 available iPad apps, Nice!!!

The App Store is now more peculiar than ever: from the list of purchased items, you can download any app over 3G, regardless of size.
But you still can't PURCHASE apps larger than 20 mb over 3G.

Where is itunes 10.3?
How do you download it?
Site shows donwnload here but takes you to 10.2.2

I'm running 4.3.1. I don't see any changes to the updates section in the app store :S.

It looks like you have to install iOS 4.3.3 to get this to work. I wasn't seeing it all day yesterday or this morning on my iPhone 4 running 4.3.1. Updated to 4.3.3 and now the purchases button appears in the app store and in iTunes

Go to your app store on your phone and check updates, shows purchases and find my phone right now.

Loving iTunes new cloud thing.... Was able to redownload a 5 year old song that I had lost somehow.

I do hope they come up with something similar for in-app purchase.
Because that first App Store-produced message always tell you the price like you'll be charged again, I get at least one support enquiry a day from MailShot users worried they will be charged a second time to upgrade to do larger email groups on their new device. You don't find out you weren't charged until the process is effectively over.
All Apple need to do to fix this is replace the first message with one that tells you it will be free to upgrade, when they know your account has already purchased the item.

Definitely need a way to delete from the list, I am dumb founded with the amount of apps I have downloaded but I deleted them for a reason, they were crap.
I also seem to be able to install previously pulled apps like TRIS which was around a long before Tetris.

Not showing up in my app store or iTunes app either. I live in the USA, have iOS 4.3.1 and agreed to the new tos and have rebooted my phone 3 times. Hopefully it'll update soon

Like others on this forum have pointed out, there needs to be a way to permanently delete items from the list.

Not working yet for me either, Same setup as you.
I purchased a free app so it would do the updated Terms and Conditions... rebooted phone. Still no go.

Not being able to delete is an invasion of privacy. Far worse than location tracking.

Guys if you want to hide your purchase history, go to iPhone settings, Store, and tap your email address and sign out. I guess this is abit annoying but it does hide your purchase history. It doesn't delete but does hide until you sign in again. We need a way to delete unwanted items from purchase history Apple!!!

How can they take a risk at releasing this without having features to sort by some criteria? Or allowing to hide or remove certain purchased apps? Disappointed, this has defeated Apples previous level of excellence.

we need to delete history
i don't want my kids to see adult app on my history
what a rubbish idea from apple

I agree, I am quite upset that my teen came home today to return my phone and was able to see all historic purchases. I usually dont log out as I know to download you need to enter a password after 15 minutes but I was more than shocked to see list of all my purchases ever made.... not exactly what i would have wanted my teen to see!!!

Hmm, couple apps one here I never downloaded and are not in my itunes store purchase history either. I never wanted to go to washington DC and there is a visitor guide to DC in the purchased app list. Not to mention the 100+ free games my kids downloaded on my itunes account with their touch.
Really needs to be a way to delete apps or just turn it off.

This is trash. There needs to be a way to turn this off under restrictions. Again the apple dictatorship uses it's mighty hand to force us instead of giving us an option.

i think the update really needs a way to delete the purchased history, as i do not want to see apps that i deleted from my phone and computer for a reason. Plus i share the phone with kids i do NOT want them to easily be able access any adult content that i may a downloaded temporarily.

Im in 100% Agreement there. I have apps I used when I was out having "fun" That I would like others not to see.. Need to be able to get rid of them or heres and IDEA: WHEN WE DELETE THE APPS OFF OF OUR PHONE MAKE THEM STAY DELETED? SERIOUSLY YOU CREATE EXTRA WORK BY HAVING THEM TAKE UP MORE SPACE OR EVEN STAY IN THE PHONE WTF IS THE POINT OF DELETING SOMTHING IF IT DOESNT GO AWAY TO BEGIN WITH?

This is absolutely rubbish. There really needs to be a way that we can delete previously downloaded applications. There was a reason why I removed it in the first place?
No wonder in the past when i have re-downloaded adult applications, it contains private information - despite cleaning it out before deleting it previously!
What is with apple and always wanting to CONTROL their users?
There really needs to be a way to DELETE what I don't want in my history!

Why?! Finally you don't have to go into desktop iTunes to check if you've really purchased that app.

My old purchases list is overwhelmed with junky "free" apps I downloaded before I learned better. I wish I could clean up THAT list!
And sadly, old apps that aren't in the app store are not necessarily available. Not found:

  • Stoneloops of Jurassica
  • VLC

YES! Finally!
There have been a few times I have gone months without syncing my phone. There have also been a few times where I've gone months without syncing, only to find a new toy to test from Cydia- which crashes everything. Having to restore from a 2+ month backup really bites. (I know, just sync more often, problem solved.)
Having the purchase history at my fingertips for the sad aforementioned type of situation really lets me have a backup "in the cloud" as far as app purchases go. Apple finally got it right.

Remember the 'Tris' Tetris app that was on Cydia, and was in the App Store, in it's earliest days before EA had it pulled, so they could have their official app as the only one?
Well, I'm not sure if it was reinstated prior, but I checked my purchase history on my iPhone, and right at the bottom was 'Tris'.
I clicked install, and to my surprise it worked!
Does this work for any other apps that were pulled, or is is just a bug in the system?

They need to give us an option to either turn this off or delete items in the history. Stupid move Apple.

What's with all the hate?
This is a great feature, and if you don't like it, just don't click the "Purchased items" tab!
I'm very happy to be able to look through my old purchases.
And what's up with the complaints about ”grown-up” apps people don't want their kids to see? I've never run into any app that couldn't stand the gaze of a kid...
Everyone knows Steve Jobs is a prude, much to the chagrin of everyone not american, (we are more realistic and open about sex, it's natural, and here to stay), so you won't find anything offending on the AppStore, that's for sure...

Case in point, I was censured on my previous comment, the 3 letter word I was writing starts with an S and ends with an X... How terrible if anyone should read that word! Their eyes might rot...

Its gud to hv this feature, but it is annoying when it does not hv Clear/Purge/Remove-Delete history option.
Apple must introduce Purge history option to mk it more useful.

I'd like to add my voice to this - I disapprove of this measure entirely, and want the option to remove items from the list.
Also, I thought it was worth starting a petition over this. Please add your support if you think Apple's unilateral action here is a threat to your privacy.

The Purchase History is great.
BUT: some app downloads are embarrassing, crappy, or totally useless, and were deleted for a reason! I agree; there should be a way to delete apps from the Purchase History record.

You can now hide purchased apps
App Store > Updates > Purchased > swipe across on the app > tap on Hide

Please let us have option to delete. I have added apps out of curiosity then decided to delete.
I don't want them to appear

Please add soon a permanent / complete DELETE option for apps "not on this phone"! Thanks you very much.

I'd like to be able to see apps that I have deleted. "haven't i tried that app before and didn't like it?" Perhaps the solution is to have the option to delete and an option to archive.

Agree...a delete feature would be nice. I have downloaded lots of apps just out of curiosity and subsequently deleted them. I have also kept some of the ones I downloaded like this. Having a permament history will make me think twice about trying out any app. THAT MEANS APPLE WILL LOSE MONEY IF THEY DO NOT CREATE A DELETE APP HISTORY FEATURE

"Having access to my purchase history is a welcomed addition to the App Store. " Welcomed by whom? This is horrible and needs to go away, or at a minimum require a password to access. There needs to be a way to disable this "feature" andor a way to delete the Purchased History. Apple is just too intrusive.

I dont see it on my iPhone 3G, either. Not surprised. Why support a phone that was purchased just a year and a half ago?!

I do not see the need to have the purchase history. First off, I back up my mac (everyone should). Secondly, if I purchase a game from a store and loose it, I do not get to go back to the store and say "I lost my game, please replace it". If I download an app and delete it because I do not want it, then decide later that I do want it, I should have to purchase it again.
Additionally, if purchase history is going to be a new feature, give me the option to delete apps that I do not want cluttering up my purchases. Every free app I have ever downloaded and realized I did not want - I do not want to see them there. Please provide a delete / purge from pruchace history option.

Hate this new feature apps were deleted for a reason no need to keep seeing them. Please get a delete button ASAP!!!!

Ill just add my voice to that of everybody else in these forums, lets make a slide to delete feature so you can get these apps out of your purchase history for good!

I've downloaded some useless apps and I keep looking up how to remove them COMPLETELY! Nothing. Real smooth, Apple. Real smooth. =____=

IT NEEDS A DELETE PURCHASE HISTORY.... When are you going to give us that option? I can't believe you didn't put a little more thought into this one Apple!

They said its purpose is to keep a record.. but at least have a feature that can delete FREE downloaded apps... it F* free we dont need a record for it.. pls delete my pole dancing app haha

There are certain apps that I don't want my girlfriend to know I have so it would be nice to have some kind of way to delete them from the purchase history...

Deleted apps were deleted for a reason so why would I want to re-install them. Please add a delete button or just get rid of the history for good!
Thanks for listening :)

Me too. I pressed the 'purchased' button out of curiosity and cant return to 'updates'. Pls help us. (Using iPod touch 4G)

Apple WHY WHY WHY did you not put a delete button. Like other comments say we deleted it for a reason!!! Not to make it show up back on your iphone!!! Apple this makes no sense at all! I just hope this feature is optional. People please tell me this is optional! this is the most stupid feature I've ever seen!!

Some apps are deleted for a reason and don't want to be accessed anymore. PLEASE ALLOW US TO DELETE THESE APPS from the Purchased history records! It is very, very frustrating!!

hi to everyone,
I like the idea of having the purchase list in iphone and in the itune but it would have been beter if we were able to delete any of the app if we wanted.

Just trying to add weight apple please include delete button - so that all apps that were deleted intentionally in the first can be deleted permanently from iPhone

i didn't like cause i cant delete the purchased app I bought
and some of its contains stuff kids can`t see it
you should do something about it so we can delete the items we dont want it in our phone

I agree, We need to be able to delete, I have a bunch of crap in there, like flashights, finger dumbs etc.. They all just take up space.

Ya great but how do i get back to the normal view that shows me the wonderful update all button? I dont have that little link in the upper left corner that says updates.

I'm with everyone else. Although it's convenient for a homeshare network there are certain apps you will never want to see or use again nor do you want others to see for whatever the reason may be. So it needs an option to delete at the risk of having to purchase again.

Oh jeez
I downloaded some sex apps just ouf of curiosity
I am dead if my parents find them plz apple
Make a delete button

If you all want the purchase history gone, let me state something. Macintosh a.k.a. Apple is a business. The only thing that a business understand is lost profits. If it's that much of an issue, you either quit using apple products or any other products of possible partners to apple. There are other technologies other than Apple's. I'll gladly take my business to one if the competitors if I don't see a delete button for my purchase history in the future.

Have to be able to delete apps from purchased app history. If I lend my device to my friends, I do not want them to be able to see every app that I have downloaded. This is diminishing my view of apple products.

Agree there should be a delete button, either a sloppy design or a marketing tool ? Which in future will make me think twice about trying new apps !!

The feature is a brilliant idea because I have delete expensive apps to free room on my phone and now I have access to them… but (we all know what's coming next!) I have slightly embarrassing apps I wouldn't want my wife, friends or family to see and no option to remove them. Bad call on Apples behalf. The best part is, they were free apps so technically I never purchased them!

Your all fucking dumb asses. IF your all so embarrassed of the gay/weird faggot-ass shit you download then that's your own god damn fault... Good job apple, I approve.

i hate it, now every thing ive downloaded and tryed deleting off shows up on history and i cant delete it. and now wen preople look at my phone they always look at your history and it even shows up on itunes on my comp, its bad you cant keep nothin private, now i need to try find a way to downgrade it thanks alot,

need to have a delete button to be able to delete un wanted purchased apps its an absolute must have! im sure alot of people will agree

I find this feature an invasion of privacy and enough to turn me off iTunes. If I had known I would have a permanent record of apps I have downloaded regardless of whether deleted or not then I would not have downloaded a number of "questionable" apps out of curiosity for a brief period that you don't want children or work colleagues evenfor that matter to know you have downloaded. Extremely disappointed!

but this purchase history should be designed for the users to remove the deleted apps in it also.

Everyone seems so bent out of shape about the inability to permanently delete apps from their history via iPhones or iPads, etc. However, this is all linked to one's iTunes account and therefore accessible on a laptop or PC that does allow you to permanently delete apps, songs, books, etc. I think it is wonderful to be able to access apps purchased on either my iPad or iPhone and download them to my other devices via this option.

Haha u all do realize that you can go to the tab for not on this iphone and delete/hide the apps right? It COMPETELY removes it from your purchase history. That feature has always been available...not sure what everyone's complaining about...

Now that stever jobs has been deleted, maybe they will start to listen to their customers but i doubt it very much

I did not purchase any app but those apps appeared under purchased... Does that means the purchased section means the free apps we downloaded? Or did I really buy it?

it cause me not to download apps again.. i am afraid to download again coz i know they can't be removed permanently... recently i downloaded some adult games because i was confused about those kinds of apps, then now i can't delete them in my apple account... i will just find ways to reset my apple account...
someone who knows how to reset apple account???? ... tnx

yep... I agree with those before me it stops me from just downloading whatever I think would be cool cause my history keeps getting more and more full and I can't get ride of it. I think the history is silly cause you have the ability to turn your apps on and off in your iTunes so why do you need the reminder in more the 1 loaction? I dislike going to my updates and seeing this tab it's just annoying.

Has anyone realized that complaining in THIS post has no relevance to Apple ? You actually think someone from Apple is gonna be browsing all your complaints and do something about it ? xD

Well it's good to see I'm not alone here some things you either are embarrassed of, don't want others to see or maybe just pure accident either way you should be able to delete app history not full app history should be able to pick what you want to delete after all if I want an app back I deleted I can just download it again very disappointed with apple keep this up and droid will take over for sure

Absolutely MUST be able to delete forever the purchased history tab!!!! Make that happen! I will not purchase anything more until this happens! Kindle....yes!

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