Is the iPad App Store coming up blank for you? You're not alone!

Is the iPad App Store coming up blank for you? You're not alone!

The App Store icon bages displays 2 pending, but the update screen is blank for the past 2 days. Same deal on my wife's iPad.
TurboTiger, iMore forums specialist

We're been getting multiple reports from readers that the iOS App Store on the iPad is coming up blank for them for the last couple of days. The iPhone and iPod touch seem unaffected. Some reports say the entire App Store fails to load, while others say only the Updates tab fails to load. Either way, it's frustrating for those experiencing it.

In iOS 6 and earlier, the App Store is a web app in a native app wrapper, so everything inside the window, the entire interface, gets fed from an online source, so if there's a problem on the server, there's a problem with the interface.

Hopefully whatever's wrong gets fixed and soon. In the meantime, iMore forums members are tracking the problem. If you're having the problem, let me know, and if and when it starts working again, let me know as well.

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Is the iPad App Store coming up blank for you? You're not alone!


My iPad mini has the blank Update screen issue. I spoke with 2 different reps from Apple support (including a senior adviser). Both seemed pretty befuddled by it. The senior adviser told me to reset it as a new device (and will follow-up with me in about 30 minutes). I tried it, and no dice. Same issue either way I try it. I'm restoring my iPad now and will talk with him soon. I'll try to post another comment on the results of the call when I get finished later. I hope this gets resolved soon. It's rather annoying.

Just talked to senior rep again. He said he's not sure what could be happening and has submitted a ticket to Engineering. I hope I'll hear something back pretty soon. I just want this to work properly...

Been having same issue on my iPads since last night. Lots of people commenting on Apple message boards and Twitter. Definitely a wide spread problem.

Both my wife and my iPad mini's are still showing blank update screens with multiple badges.
No issues with our iPhones though.

I'm glad you reported this issue. I'm new to apple products and just got my iPad mine last week. I have noticed this issue for the last 2 days as well. I was going to return it to the store. it sounds like they will fix it on their end.

It started for me yesterday and after a few attempts, I figured it must have something to do with the server side, rather than on my iPad. I wanted to look up Twitter to see if there were people talking about it, just then Rene posted this.

I had this issue for the past 2 days on my iPad3. The app store icon showed I had 6 updates, but the app store "Updates" tab screen was blank. I tried everything including a full erase and restore from iCloud, but I could not fix it. Finally, I was able to resolve it by going into the "Purchased" section on the "Updates" tab and checking for updates alphabetically. Then, I individually updated the 6 apps that showed that they had updates pending.

iOS AppStore is a web browser with some local HTML (header and tabs) and content loaded with AJAX. So it might be unresponsive because of javascript async loading, happens with HTML apps.

For the past 2 days I have not been able to update apps my ipad 4, and my wife's ipad mini. I went to the apple store and they didnt know why this was happening or if there was a problem with apple servers.

Must be a worldwide problem...I live in Japan and the site has been down for two days...Patience required...!!!

Same problem the update page is blank. So far I have 5 updates and I can not update the apps this has been going on for 4 days now. I am in Chicago Ridge Illinois...Please Help

I have restored my iPad to factory settings then restored and I am still having a blank app screen and unable to update any apps. Please Help my iPad is about ready to turn into a Paperweight. This is very frustrating And aggravating. I am from Chicago Ridge Illinois. Please fix this problem.

Go to your Purchased tab and you will have to manually find the apps needing updated. Worked for me, took maybe five minutes!

Same here: everything OK in iPad App Store except the updates, although the badge number keeps increasing. Go figure.

Same update badge/ blank page problem. I updated my apps in iTunes on my computer. Several were age restricted like Vine for example. I synced my iPad and the update badge was gone.

I can't believe that I am the only one with iPad mini running iOS 6.1.3 that don't have that kind of problem.

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Has been happening on my iPad 3 too. I had been baffled. Glad to hear it must be a problem somewhere and not just my iPad.

Out of frustration, I Google searched my problem with the updates tab not appearing. At least I'm not the only one. If many of us face the same problem, that means someone will fix it soon.

Updates tab has been blank for me the last couple days but I've been able to update apps by hitting the purchased tab and searching updates there

Guys, calm down. My iPad 3 is also showing a blank update screen. It is hardly a paperweight! Open iTunes, update your apps and sync your iPad. Boom problem solved. I'm sure Apple will fix the issue soon.

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Still failing on my iPad 2 at 09:20 am Sunday… Apparently, Apple is having all the same problems internally that we are having out here !! I’m surprised it’s taken this long to fix !!??!?!??

I had something totally different, but could be related. iTunes on my 4S was all blank. Even searching for known music, the screen was blank. I opened the App Store, and had three updates. When updating, I keep getting the retry error. I checked all settings, and everything was set correct. The apps started working again, but iTunes was still blank. I plugged the iPhone into my MacBook Pro, and did a backup to the MacBook, and iTunes started working again. This was Friday the 26Th.

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My ipad 3 was showing a blank app update page as well. This worked for me.
1) plugged into computer, backed up on iTunes
2) restored ipad
3) then restored from backup

App Store is back to normal. Just keep in mind that restoring from a backup can take some time and can vary by the size of the backup.

Mine has been out as well as my moms for two days and I've spoken with a senior advisor who has sent my case up to engineers for review and is going to email me back when he gets an answer

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Same here on my iPad3. Getting the blank update screen for 3 days. When I look at the purchased page I don't see any that need updating yet the badge says 9 are waiting. My Mac Air is updating just fine. Tried a basic reset with no change, guess I'll have to wait for Apple to get their act together. Very frustrating.

I've been having the same problem, but when I spoke to the "apple support" all they wanted was a credit card number so I could be transferred over to the technical support people, So I hung up on him, then 2 minutes later I get a 1-866 number call back that I didn't answer, and so I googled the number and it was an autobody shop in california. He told me it was Malware on my iPad and he could fix it with a payment of $119.99. My brother is having the same problem so we'll see if it gets fixed by itself or if I have to go to the apple store

I am experiencing the same exact thing! On both my iPad 3 and iPhone 5! When I try to update it just requests and requests that I keep entering my password. However on the first try, it intents to update the apps but since it OBVIOUSLY is not able to, just keeps requesting and requesting and requesting my password.

Apple I was never an apple person and now that I have come to be more opened minded about the company.. These FRUSTRATING issues occur! Now I know why it took me so long to buy an Apple product. This is ridiculous. I have been in this situation at least for a month now and have over 30 apps that I have not been able to update or install and I got a hold of a Rep but everything they requested me to do, I had already done and re did again as they requested and still DID NOT fix the issue!!!

Go into the purchased page, you will see the updates there. you can only update each one individually but it is better than no updates.

I did and that didnt work either. But I have discovered and believe that the reason is that, I have been using the same username since 2009 that I opened my apple account and a few months ago, RANDOMLY it was deleted and I can confirm because EVERYTIME I would try to sign in, it would say it didnt recognize my account and I thought you couldnt delete accounts, so how that happened, I have no idea. So at the moment that was going on, I was with a friend and he was why dont you try to create it again and so I did and it accepted it.
So now I have been looking into my situation a lot cause I have exactly 69 Apps I have NOT been able to download so for some reason I got into my account and went to my "purchase history" and saw that according to my history I have ONLY bought and downloaded the apps since the day I discovered my account was deleted. So it will only allow me to download apps and update the ones that I bought since I recreated the account. I also get the message, where you enter your password to confirm the download/purchase, and it says sign in with the account that is registered to the app in little words. So I believe thats my issue, so while my "purchase history" doesnt reflect that I bought them with the "supposedly" 1st account which is the same one now cause remember I recreated the same one and apple accepted, I will not be able to update so now I dont know what to do cause really, that one is out of my hands!!!

So ANY HELP would be amazing and more than appreciated!!!

And I add that I can prove that I created that account since 2009 and I believe I may have saved the email where I created the same account the second time. I am not sure but I would have to check that...

My updates page has been down for a few days now. I have tried multiple resolutions to this. Re-loading the App Store, re booting the IPad, and resetting my apple account. No success with any of them.

log into your account and review your "purchase history" and does it reflect all the apps you have purchased and downloaded?

I to have done EVERYTHING you have done and more and still, no luck but read my post, which is 2 above yours and thats why I suggest there I believe is MY issue!

Same problem over the past few days. Sometimes force closing the app helps and now that doesn't work. A work around is updating using the "apps on my iPad". A bit time consuming but works. I bet this has to do with iOS 7 about to launch. They are tweaking the App Store. Very annoying.

It quit working for me on Saturday, but only the updates page. One app told me there was an update and since the update page wasn't working I tried searching for it. It showed up and included the "update" button, so I was able to update that app through this loophole.

The App Store icon states that there are updates available, but when I click the update icon, I get a blank page. This problem started three days ago. If I click "purchased" icon, I can scroll down and see which apps have updates and I can download these updates there. This problem is only present on my iPad. On my iPhone the App Store is working properly.

Getting the blank App Update screen on my iPad for the past several days, even though the badge says there are updates. Updates on my iPhone work just fine. Annoying. I guess Apple isn't always "perfect"!

I've been having the same problems with my ipad 3. I haven't had any problems with my iPhone 4S, though.

Having similar issue for the past couple of days with my iPad4. Updates tab in highlighted but screen is blank. No issues with iPhone 5.

I have an iPad mini, and for the past couple of days the Updates tab has not shown anything but a blank screen. It tells me that I have a few updates available, but nothing is showing up. I assume Apple knows about this and is working on a resolution, but until then, I will have to deal with not being able to update. If anyone knows a quick fix, please let me know!

Same here Ipad 4 Down, iphone 5 ok. The difference in my case is that the app store is also down in my Imac. I can't update all my apps from the purchased tab because I only see the apps Inpurchased in the past few weeks even if I select all in the top menu. I hope my apps come back soon. I wrote to apple support, I'll let you know the answer

Not true for me. Checking my purchased apps, I only see either open or the download symbol for deleted apps. Meanwhile my app store icon shows 5 updates waiting. Got ipad 3.

Am still getting the same problem with my iPad 3. This blank update screen issue has been happening since the day everybody started reporting it. No problems whatsoever with my iPhone 4S. As most have suggested, the only way of overcoming this is to exhaustively go through the purchased tab screen and go through every single alphabet button for both iPad and iPhone apps to locate those that need Update. A bit annoying I must say. Hopefully Apple can resolve this ASAP.

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I'm having the same problem on my ipad 3 of the apps not updating. You would think that by now a company of this size would have a fix. Maybe everyone is on vacation!

NB When using the purchased apps workaround you have to select each letter on the side to see the apps that need updating - the default page only shows recently installed apps.

I found a solution on another forum that sounded insane, but easy to try. Well, it worked on my Mini and the wife's iPad 2.

- kill the App Store (hold home button, hold icon down till wiggles, tap red minus sign on app)

- go to settings, change slide switch from mute to lock rotation.

- turn mini in landscape position, lock in this orientation.

- launch app store and try getting the updates. When done, re-set your slide switch setting back to mute.

Sounds stupid, I know. This worked this afternoon, and has continued to work. Right now I checked and the screen said all apps up to date as it should. Lets see if it continues...

I have the iPad 2. I'm not sure when the problem started but all day today for sure I'm up to 3 apps needing updated and when I go to the update screen it is blank white. The rest of the app store was working this morning. I downloaded 2 new apps before I realized there was a problem with the update screen.

Thanks for posting this article, Rene. It's always nice to know whether the problem is mine alone or it's systemic.

Happy to report this issue seems to be solved this morning!

I started having this issue this past week on my Iphone 5 running iOS 6. It was intermittent, but now it's constant. I have 32 apps pending, according to the badge icon, but the updates screen says that all apps are up to date.

Goto settings, select iTunes and App Store, select your appleID, view Apple ID, select Apple ID again, the done twice. Apps Updates will work again. This works for me today 9/22/13.

Help, help! I checked and confirmed the fact that my e-mail address! and write to me that my account is not verified! What to do?

i have a ipad 32gb Wifi+3g, can plz someone help me my app store is not loading up there just comes a circle spinning around for several mins and than a white blank page can some one plz help me i also restored my iPad but the same thing happened plz suggest some thing what can i do

My iPad Air is showing blank window when I tried to open Apple Store. It was happened after new iOS 7.1 update. Any ideas or support please...

My App Store is totally blank on Featured, Top Charts and Explore. However Purchased and Updates appears fine. I'm running ios8 (8.1.2) on a iPad Air.

I've got other devices that are working fine.

I have tried the usual kill app, power off and a full reboot (Power + Home).

Any other thoughts? I don't fancy an iTunes restrore.