iPad Video: ABC, Netflix, and Videos Apps


We have to say we're pretty excited about the streaming video possibilities on the iPad. So excited, in fact, that the YouTube app feels pretty much like old hat. Jeremy already took a quick look at Netflix on the iPad and the verdict is that it works and the magic of simply having Netflix streaming on an iPad does much to overcome the fact that what you essentially have here is an app made of up Netflix's webpage.

ABC Video, however, is much more elegant and is a nicer iPod app. You get a set of tabs at the bottom for viewing video, your video history, and even a schedule of ABC shows. The video looks crisp to my eyes, but I'm especially impressed at how well the app saves my place on the various shows I've watched.

A quick video comparison of ABC, Netflix, and the default Videos app, along with a gallery of ABC and Netflix, are after the break!

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iPad Video: ABC, Netflix, and Videos Apps


NBC dropped full episodes from safari iPad and provides a link to purchase instead. On the iPhone you can still watch full episodes.

@other Chris:
Not so fast, homeslice! If Apple wants you to pay, why did they allow ABC and Netflix?
Hulu has a couple of concerns, the least of which is the Flash issue. The biggest is that the original terms for Hulu was that it was deemed only usable on computers. Media Centers and mobile devices are wildcard items the PHBs at the media giants don't quite grasp.
Add to the fact that Comcast will be the big fish of Hulu, that mostly wants to sell you cable services, you can see that Hulu is cornholed by bureaucratic retardation. I am not saying they won't find a way, but holy cluster***k!

I played with the ABC website on launch day and it was pretty nice over WiFi.
I'm very happy to see a Netflix app even if it's just their web page, because that is a HUGE jab at the "the iPad sucks because it doesn't have Flash" crowd.
Nobody cared about Flash until the iPhone came out and didn't support it.

My only complaint at this point with the iPad is that when I hook it up to the dock with the composite cables running to my tv, it won't send the streaming video from ABC/Netflix to the tv. It does send the audio though?!?! Youtube, photos and other Apple-given apps support video-out however. They need to correct this ASAP.

I bought a cable to stream my iPad content to my big screen TV. ITunes, YouTube works. Netflix and the Internet does not. I'm hoping to use my iPad as my video player, not quite ready yet.

I have a new iPad and I added the abc player to my app list. When I try to use it, I get a little box that states that I am not living in the USA and so because of copyrights, it will not play. Now, I do live in the United States. Holland, Michigan, in fact. I called Apple, but they said that I had to contact you because the problem lies within the abc app. I certainly hope that this can be corrected. I really enjoy watching the shows later. Thank you so much. Lynnelle Pierce