iPhone 2.2: More Leaks With App Store Tweaks?

On Saturday we covered some MobileSafari browser makeovers for iPhone 2.2, now it looks like its the on-board App Store app that's getting a (minor) fresh coat of paint. Apple Insider reports on the changes:

Among them is a new categories page that will feature large category icons -- not yet functional -- and more generous spacing between each listing. [As well as] shifting the "Tell a Friend" option from the title bar to just below the reviews summary, and adding a "Report a Problem" function that will allow shoppers to inform the company of problematic apps.

Neither of these are the unified inbox or searchable email I was hoping for, let alone cut and paste, but before jumping to conclusions, we'll let Apple take a few more of these tiny little steps...

For now.

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

iPhone 2.2: More Leaks With App Store Tweaks?


Amazing how many different applications and tweaks are trying to catch up to the new age of technology we are in. Used to be the programs were to big and you upgraded phones to have the all the new features instead of just wanting a clearer picture or a larger HD.

I struggle to understand why Apple is wasting time with useless crap like this rather than giving us push notifications (IM is pretty much worthless without it), cut and paste, etc.

They don't make money adding cut and paste or push email. They could make money streamlining or adding functionality to the App store. Now that the firmware is relatively stable, it's not very surprising that this is where they at choosing to focus.

Is it just me or do other people have issues with typing on non-iPhone specific websites even with the new 2.1 firmware? I still experience a lot of lag while typing and its really getting annoying that Apple hasn't fixed this issue yet. Hopefully that is one of the fixes provided in the 2.2 firmware.

I only experience lag when I am too impatient to wait for the page to finish loading prior to starting my typing. Give that a shot, don't we all need a little more patience? :)

I really hope the email app crash problem has been fixed. I don't care if nothing else is different, but we need reliable email!