New iPhone Ad Focuses on Reading Apps

Classics (and all around awesome icon and UI) designer Sebastiaan de With posted on his Cocoia blog that his co-creation is currently being featured in a new ad for the iPhone:

How very awesome it is to see this on Apple’s website (and possibly on TV!). You can read about the design process of Classics here.

This latest ad continues Apple's current trend of focusing on apps as the killer iPhone feature, this time specifically on a variety of different apps that let you "read" in one way or another: Yelp for restaurant reviews, OsireX for MRI scans, and Classics for "regular old book".

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

New iPhone Ad Focuses on Reading Apps


Apple is just trying to convince people that don't have a iphone that there is a reason for them to have one. There is a app for everyone.

@Ryan: hehe not sure if thats a reason enough for someone who hasnt bought one yet, such apps ard available for most if not all other phones!
I think its time for aapl to do something new to keep up with competition (upcoming!) and attract new customers....