iPhone Beats Palm Pre at Air Travel?


iPhone vs. Palm Pre combat and comparison is nothing new, but is smartphones' newest rivalry ready to take to the skies? Ars Technica certainly thinks so:

Ultimately, traveling with the Pre made me want my iPhone back

Though user-changeable, battery life on the Palm Pre was cited as one of the biggest disadvantages, draining rapidly under the onslaught of the famed Synergy and Card systems, and dying in just 30 min. of Sprint TV viewing(?!). Lack of Apps was another.

Far from negative, however, the article gives Palm lots of suggestions to help the troubled Pre traveller out. (Ours, of course, would be actually getting that iPhone back).

[Thanks to Icebike for the tip!] If you have any travel tips of your own to share, drop them in the comments!

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iPhone Beats Palm Pre at Air Travel?


There are so many useful traveling apps on the iPhone: gasbag, sit or squat, urbanspoon, etc.
Maybe you can use a web version of all of those on the pre, but it's so easy on the iPhone it's crazy.

I kind of find that hard to stomach...
A phone dying within 30mins...
I've NEVER heard of such a thing...even with the G1...never.
And trust...the G1 has WAY worse battery life.

@iDavey "A phone dying within 30mins… I’ve NEVER heard of such a thing…even with the G1…never."
That was watching sprinttv "and dying in just 30 min. of Sprint TV viewing"
Which would make sense, as it would be using all backlighting, processing, unless its plugged in if it doesn't kill it, there will definitely be a sufficient drain.

Suggestion for travelling with iPhone: Myvu goggles for watching video. Better than holding the phone in front of your face for hours.

Wow useless post. This site has nothing better to do but try to talk about a phone that's is much better than it. Rene post useful info. Stop posting other sites bs. You make ur site look like garbage

@Appleking - I think I speak for just about everyone else here when I say that I think the writers on this site do an incredible job of coming up with 3+ interesting stories on the iPhone per day. I know I've learned a ton about my phone in the 5 or 6 months that I've been closely following this blog and podcast. Keep up the good work TiPb!
About the myvu goggles...I like the idea of myvu goggles but I will say that as a gift last year we got my Dad a pair and they were sent back 2 days later. It's a neat idea but none of us thought the screen really looked that good inside, plus they look really goofy when they are on and it's just one more battery to charge and take with you. Watching a video on the iPhone screen is better in my opinion.

Last night, took a 2+ hour flight and was quite happy with the performance. Arrived at the airport with a full charge. Sat in the airline club and surfed for a half hour, mostly on wifi. Talked for 15 minutes using a bluetooth headset. Got on the plane, surfed for another 20 minutes and had another short conversation. Push email interrupting all the time. When I turned on flight mode, I had 91% battery. During the flight, watched a 110 minute movie - during which time my battery dropped to only 84%. Played a couple of games until we landed. By the time I got into the rental car, I was still above 80%, plenty left for Goikgo GPS to get me to my destination with battery to spare!!!

wow u must have your iPhone with like an alien batterie b/c I have the 3GS and I always play poker online and it eats up my whole batterie within 2.5 hours I would say or less...

Yeah my friend was playing video with full brightness on his 13 hour flight to Mongolia. He managed to watch a total of 7 Big Booty Movies on his 3GS. It must have alien technology!!!
You sound like a liar.

I recently took an 8 hour flight to Germany and listened to music about 6 of those hours. I was surprised how little battery the iPod portion used when the phone is on airplane mode. Was still half full when I landed.

I never said anything about full brightness - in fact, because of how dark the cabin was when I started the movie, it was a bit on the dim side.
Periodically during the movie, I jumped out to the home screen just to see the battery drain. I was baffled at how minimally it was dropping.
This was a great contrast from my old Windows Mobile phone that somehow managed to suck battery FASTER in flight mode (assuming that it didn't manage the radios properly).
This experience aside, I still struggle to get through a full day of normal use (radios on all the time, 3G, push email, etc.). So certainly not alien batteries... just surprisingly good performance in flight mode.
@Truth - The liar comment was unnecessary and uncalled for.

I don't care which phone is better it's the network that matters most and seems like neither are any good. The pre should have put a bigger battery in instead of a physical keyboard. Won't matter much though because I am sure once the dept of justice finishes their invrstigation on cell phone companies they will make it so any phone bought at the no contract price is required to be unlocked out of the box and they can only lock a phone to a provider if the provider is protecting their subsidy and it's in the contract

@Tom: #18
Boy I hope you are correct. So far the investigation demanded by Congress is centering around Exclusivity, but I'm hoping it gets expanded to Carrier Locks.

Battery life is ok but come on this thing is a power house. I just went to a 3GS from a nokia N95 and for someone that's not a big apple fan I have to say it is the dogs..... In the uk we don't yet have the pre and that was top of my list but looking at all the problems it's having i think apple have the best all round product. I get a hole day out of the battery with everything on and as its new wifi runs all day as I download everything in the app store!

Don't be so nasty Appleking. This is one of the best places on the net for iPhone info, possibly the best! Comparisons of similar phones is quote interesting, and at times (blackberry/winmo) quite amusing!

If you love her...
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If you hate her, let her go to Lijiang, let her disappear at the horizon.
If you want to feel the natural world, let me take you to worship the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.
If you want to get renascence, let me take you to the mystical Daughters Garden.

Considering this is palms first attempt at this kind of phone technology, I think they did a great job at competing with the iphone. the next will be even better... : ) apple has had over a year now to work out the kinks...