UPDATED: iPhone SDK 3.2 for iPad Beta 3 Now Live!


Right on schedule -- if they stick to 2 week schedules! -- Apple has released iPhone SDK for iPad Beta 3. It's available now via developer.apple.com and if the past is any indication, we should be seeing the code explored and any new and interesting finds tipped and posted... well, from now until Beta 4 hits!

Go get it!

UPDATE: Or now, Apple seems to have pulled Beta 3 for now. Let us know if you still see it, if it's gone for you, or if it comes back!

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UPDATED: iPhone SDK 3.2 for iPad Beta 3 Now Live!


misses updates on the iPhone :(
...not talking about the puny 3.1.x releases...those are just patches on the holes leftover.

Yeah I agree it's disappointing we aren't seeing 3.2 for iPhone. It's got some nice updates

Any news or love for iPhone? Seriously what's happening? I'm up fir renewal next month and wondering if I need to wait fir next iPhone or what? What do we normally get news about next gen iPhones or at least the OS?
If there's a good OS update il hold onto my 3GS and take a credit on my contract instead of another phone...

I happened to get it before it was removed. I have found the new features, and the "BIG BUG". ( I really don't know how Apple missed that one...