iPod touch 2nd Gen Jailbreak (redSn0w) Now Available -- Experts Only Need Apply

The iPhone dev team have posted a tethered "redSn0w" Jailbreak for the 2nd generation iPod touch. They are providing it with expert-only instructions, and a strict warning that they won't be providing ANY support for it (if you ask for help, it means you shouldn't be using it, and they'll literally ban you from their site).

However, they also say they're working on an un-tethered Jailbreak, which will hopefully be both much easier to use, and enjoy some level of support.

If you're a supra-command-line ninja, however, and absolutely can't wait, go get it now...

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Reader comments

iPod touch 2nd Gen Jailbreak (redSn0w) Now Available -- Experts Only Need Apply


I got a hardon when I saw redsn0w was released, but then I went over to a itouch/iphone message board and 7/10 of the posts in each page in the 2g ipod touch section was "HALP I BRICKED MY IPOD TRYING TO JAILBREAK HALP"
so ill wait until the untethered release is out

Lol thats funny i posted comments about bricking your ipod and just be patient for the untethered version but no dont listen to me

Geez, if it's that hard to figure out, and as dangerous to implement as it appears, why release it at all? Seems half-baked.

Lol i said that to but they have to give the people somethin ya know i still think we have a lil bit of time ya know

If they were close to releasing the untethered jailbreak they wouldnt have released the lite version. I have doubts over the untethered versions and if is to be released, it will be a good couple of months yet.

It is actually really easy to jailbreak. I just recently released a software that is easy for every1. im me skierjmps if you want the software.

i'm just happy to know the jailbreak will be avail. before the 3rd gen ipod touch comes out over the summer.

Do not IM the sn below as posted by thomas... it is mine, but i did not put it there. I do not have a jailbreak, nor will i ever develop an app that makes it tethered. I have already gotten about 20 people IMing me (its kinda funny. lol)
Don't do it

you just have to follow the instructions exactly. for example, if u have a ppc mac, your out of luck for now, but if you have windows they specifically say it only works in 32 bit versions so if u have a 64 bit version of vista, then don't do it! I'm guilty of starting jb ing mine on my ppc mac, and coulndt finish, leaving my touch stuck in dfu mode. so I luckily had access to a pc. email me @ Adam@thebeathouseproject.com if anyone has questions for the process in vista. good luck guys! ps. don't wait for the un tethered version, it's worth it, and supposeedly it's nearly impossible to brick your iPod

I just finished jailbreaking my Ipod 2G, and it actually worked. The process isn't that tethering as stated. I did get scared at some point, but the instructions were clear enough to follow, and it did mention that if a process didn't work, you should try again. Thanks Zakir. I couldn't download any free apps from Itunes because i don't have a credit card to register my Ipod. You're a life saver.

"This is an interface to the DFU and Recovery modes of the device. It
requires you to have libusb installed on your Mac.
Due to buggy interaction between libusb and the Apple device, any output
that is long gets all chewed up. But if you stick to just the "!" and
the "#" commands, you won't notice. We don't normally use this tool
but it's a lot easier to distribute and compile than the GUI we use.
The "!" (exclamation point, no quotes when you use it) sends a file.
The "#" (pound sign, no quotes when you use it) sends a script.
In both cases, you name the file right after the symbol."
yea you do have to be an expert

ive done it!!!!!!!!!! yea,wooooooo
ipod wake up, wake up,wake up,.........

wow....you guys are right...if you are that stupid as to not know that even if u DO mess up ur process you can still restart your iPod from factory settings EASILY...then you guys really shouldn't be doing this....my god

wow….you guys are right…if you are that stupid as to not know that even if u DO mess up ur process you can still restart your iPod from factory settings EASILY…then you guys really shouldn’t be doing this….my god

ive managed to unbrick my ipod and im not trying again until an untethered jailbreak is released mb redsn0w...
go go redsn0w!!

someone post the link to the unthered jailbreak comes out. please because I am only following the jailbreak process on this site cause I'm technically inneficient and also lazy

The untethered jailbreak might take some time because of the change in software, in the 1st gen iPod their was a "hole" in the software,,
In the 2nd gen we can assume this "hole" has been covered,cemented,and weilded,,
The reason a tethered version has been released was to keep all you smart computer junkies busy while leaving the other 45% of us waiting,,
,, all "redsn0w" needs to find out now is how to add the jailbreak directly into the iPod

i think im gonna wait until a 2nd gen 2.2.1 jailbreak is out for quickpwn redsnow is now worth the risk for me, id rather wait plus its a tethered jailbreak.

Ok I have been trying to jail break forever I been on 100 diffrent sites can I download any stuff on my iPod touch, I've tried ziphone and others HELP ME NOW I've been on YouTube it didn't work please!!!!!

When a 3g iPod touch comes out. And they still ain't got the 2nd gen jailbreak yet. There gonna forget all about it. And jump right on the 3g jailbreak. U nah wah I'm sayin

Michael, you must be retarded or just unclear with what you're saying. Firstly, there won't be such a thing as a 3G iPod Touch. The 3G refers to the cellular reception that the cell phone we call the "iPhone 3G" is capable of using. The iPod Touch lacks the ability to make use of cell phone towers and receive cell service and as a result, will never have a "3G" version to it. If by 3G, you meant 3rd generation, then it may be be best to just call it 3rd Gen. to avoid confusion.
Be warned, the iPhone dev Team has stated that they are going to keep trying to jailbreak the 2nd Gen. iPod Touch. If however, it proves to be much too difficult to create an automated version to it which doesn't require tethering, they may just give it up and leave it to the public to figure out. That would be unfortunate but it's a reality that they may not find a way to automate the jailbreak!
Also, when the 3rd Gen. iPod Touch is released, it will probably be long after the Dev Team has either released a jailbreak or just given up on the 2nd Gen. Touch. We can hope for the best, but if there's no way to automate the jailbreak, then there is essentially NO WAY to automate it. Here's to hoping the geniuses pull through!!! :)

go to the iphone dev, there is an untethered version of redsn0w avail. i done mine last night, 'tis the shizzle

First time doing a jailbreak, and i was wondering if you will lose all music, videos, and apps if you jailbreak?

My iphone 3G is jailbroken from the last firmware. Do I have to "restore" first and then upgrade to 3.0 software on itunes?