iStandard Clock for i

eFUSION has released a new clock app for the iPad.

iStandard Clock" is designed for everyone looking for simplicity and functionality as iPhone standard clock application to fill the gap of missing clock application on their iPad.

  • Analog clock.
  • City wise time display.
  • Clock color changes on evening and morning.
  • Weekly/daily alarm repeat function
  • Alarm sound ON/OFF and built-in 4 patterns of sound.
  • Snooze ON/OFF
  • Alarm label/message
  • Support lap function
  • Sound ON/OFF and and built-in 4 patterns of sound.

It really is baffling why Apple did not include a standard clock app on the iPhone. Since iStandard Clock is identical to the standard clock app on the iPhone, it feels like it belongs natively on the iPad.

iStandard Clock is available on the iPad for $0.99. Screenshots after the break.

[iTunes link]

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There are 7 comments. Add yours.

jafo818 says:

Did you mean "It really is baffling why Apple did not include a standard clock app on the iPad"?

sting7k says:

I think the summary of features would be much better if they just said it straight up; we made the clock from the iPhone because Apple didn't, enjoy.
I don't think it's that baffling why the app isn't on the iPad. Steve said so.

NEO2126 says:

do brunettes in tank tops really sit on couches and look at clock apps on their iPads?

Matt says:

Will the alarm sound while it's asleep?

Kamaole says:

I'd love to know who the Apple product marketing genius who decided the iPad shouldn't ship with clock and calc apps.

Luis Perez says:

Well there are always alternatives, people creating apps and web apps like

kimseng says:

Do we have to open the app to enable alarm clock? will the alarm work when we enable it and close the app?