Jailbreak Users Still Have Problems with Push Notification?


Since the iPhone 3.0 Jailbreak has become available, and now with both purplera1n and redsn0w coming on line with iPhone 3GS Jailbreak solutions, we've heard rumblings about problems with Push Notifications not working, or not working properly.

The Dev Team has noted this:

we have some remaining 3.0 jailbreak issues to investigate, including push notification

danmowchan in our forums notes this again today with regards to Prowl. Potential battery drain issues aside, if you've Jailbroken, are you having trouble getting your Push on? If not, has problems with Push made you put your Jailbreak on hold?

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Jailbreak Users Still Have Problems with Push Notification?


This is why i would never jailbreak right away.
I'll wait at least 6 months out from the 3Gs jailbreak until i decide to use it.
give them some time to work all the bugs out.

problems exist only for people using ultrasnow that did not use an official SIM to activate
normal jb should be fine

Ultrasn0w using my official AT&T sim. I haven't noticed a problem with push. Even if it did break push it is still worth jail braking if you ask me.

My biggest issue with the push notification & I am wondering if anyone feels the same way. I have the AP app (Associated Press) & the notifications are really far & in between. I have not received a push notification in days & I know there has been news in the past few days. My other issue there is not enough push apps yet. Like where is ESPN with push notification. I am using Sports Tap which does a pretty good job. Bottom line I need more push apps!!!

I believe that the note regarding issues with push notification actually refers to hacktivation, which is not really required if only jailbreaking. It may be required when unlocking. And this has led me to ask iphone_dev (in twitter) for some clarity in reporting jailbreak issues related to ultrasn0w. They seem to be of the mind that the only reason we're jailbreaking is unlock... and I definitely count myself as one who cares not one iota for unlock -- I'd rather see Apple diversify it's carrier selection in the US.
As one who had already unlocked his 3G on 3.0 and regularly used two push notification applications -- most heavily using Beejive though -- I can tell you that I experienced ZERO problems continuing to get notifications after jailbreaking -- hacktivation and unlock may bring issues, but I can't report on that.
But as I've gone to 3G[S] and 3.1beta, I can no longer partake in jailbreak for a while again for a while...

Just to add i am on Jailbroken and hactivated iPhone and have had no issues with the push notifications

Misleading article, this should trouble only people who hacktivated their phone, everyone else who is jailbroken should be fine.

I have a jailbroken iPhone 3G and all push notifications work fine. NO TROUBLES whatsoever.

well i got a JB iPhone 3GS. I got absolutly no problem with the push funktion. everythings working like a charm!

Push notifications not working on a hacktivated 3g. I'm waiting for delivery of a AT&T sim to to try a work around. In Ireland on Vodafone. Fiddlesticks!

I wonder what the average number of apps that users have that actually use push notifications. I think the whole idea of pn is pretty half ass but whatever. It works on my jailbroken iphone 3g but I dont have a need for it as I text.

As long as you can activate (no "hacktivate") your phone with an official sim, everything seems to work fine...
My jailbroken 3G is working perfectly with push notifications :) (but yes, battery life is awful - but it was before to be honest!)

I jailbroke via purplera1n and it works great. The only problem I am noticing is that my Mobile Me mail has stopped pushing. Beejive works great with push alerts, but email pushing (I know it is different than app pushing) seems to have stopped. Anyone else experiencing this issue on a jailbroken 3Gs?

I jailbroke my 3gs via purplera1n rc2... just tried getting prowl going today and i am definately having a problem with my push. Push is not working for beejive, im+, or prowl... GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Looks like Mobile Me is having issues. This is why Push notifications work, but email notifications are not working. Per the Mobile Me support site, "Some MobileMe members may be unable to use Find My iPhone at me.com/account, or receive new mail notifications on their iPhone or iPod touch or sync changes to contacts, calendars and bookmarks over the air between computers and their iPhone or iPod touch. We apologize for any inconvenience."

My jailbroken 3G and 2G work fine with push. I'd wager the issue is more of a non official carrier issue since all push has to pass through Apple's servers. It just stands to reason there would be some issues with push on hacktivated devices at first.
To the person that said "That's what you get for jailbreaking". Wow what a douche! I guess you had nothing contructive to say, and couldn't muster an independent thought. Stop riding Apple's jock. They won't reward you for it.
I've noticed that my poor battery life was the same with unjailbroken 3.0. Went from ok on 2.x to poo on 3.0. Jalbreaking did not make it worse though.

iPhone 3G, jailbreak and all Push apps working just fine. No issues with battery performance either. I do believe the ones crying afoul are those that mod their phones up sooooo much that when new software comes out it is easier to point the finger than to tidy up your backyard first.

Jailbroken 3GS via purplera1n. Not unlocked. Push works fine on BeejiveIM and Toodledo. On Prowl I get a push notification when I hit the Preview button in the Prowl settings on my desktop but have not gotten a legit Prowl notification other than the preview.

Just jailbroke my 3GS last night. Had some initial issues with install of SBSettings hanging up, simply waited and it came back to life. Since then, no issues with push. Seems to be a small drain on battery, but hey, it's an iPhone :)
Other notes: doesn't look like certain aspects of winterboarding are supported: custom keyboards, custom system fonts, etc. Small price to pay to get some of my favorite system mods back.

Funny how people that don't jailbreak like to slam on those of us who do as if it is some evil doing. I don't criticize those who don't jailbreak so let me do my thing. I love Apple products but at the end of the day they are still corp America and don't get me started on that. I do have to laugh at the commercials about 3GS taking video. That is so old news to us. Copy and paste. Whoa! Novel concept! Come on Apple, as much as I love you, everyone else is like yo catch up with the times and let your users be free!

Jailbroken 3G here, NOT unlocked with my original ATT sim.. IM+ push notifications work PERFECTLY, no problem except sometimes IM+ crashes, but that is a different issue.
Just got Prowl today and it will not register. I think it is just an issue with Prowl and not Push overall.

I only have Zynga poker deluxe installed with function of push, but as far as I am concerned it isn't working. I updated via iTunes, btw.

I use 3GS and have jailbreak my phone, since i have notifications issues, it doesn't work ^^
But maybe it's because i also use springboard!

hey guys. i was just wondering if you guys can help me...
i jailbreaked my iphone 3G i have an AT&T account on the phone. and i have had for almost a year now, and lately my internet has been acting werid.
I can only search the web, twitter, go to cydia while im at home becasue there is wi-fi, but if im in class or at some place it wont connect and says " NO CONNECTION IS AVAILABLE" when im running on a AT&T 3G account
please help...

I jailbroke my iphone 3g today ising redsn0w 0.8. I did not unlock and am still using the same official sim that came with the phone. Everything works fine except for push notifications, which is really annoying so I think I will be restoring back for a while until this issue is fixed completly.

I would like to use my iphone to make cell to cell phone calls overseas using skype without being in a WIFI area.
I have a 2g unlocked/jailbroken and am not on AT@T. I heard that a 3g unlocked/jailbroken phone would let me use the cell provider web system. Can anyone verify this?

Push seems to work fine when I use IM+ but not when I use Beejive on my jailbroken iPhone 3G. Glad I downloaded IM+. Works great now.

Hey, I just discovered something that may be useful. I had the notifications issue for quite some time. Iphone 3G with jailbreak on ATT's network but with ultrasn0w just in case I want to switch to T-Mobile. Firmware 3.0.
I was playing with SB settings and with BigBoss toggle for Push and I have been using Beejive and Nimbuzz, getting that error "Please connect to Itunes" at the start of the apps. Unfortunately I wasn't tracking the changes I was making, but I know I didn't make too many. I was just enabling and disabling Push from SB setting and then by phone restarted as if the firmware had been reset. When it came back I got into settings and my notification toggle on the apple setting's screen was gone, but notifications started to work!!!
The notifications on/off button was gone for a few hours, I rebooted my phone several times and it came back.
I didn't install Push Fix or anything else from Cydia.
Play with SB settings and with the toggles from settings and hopefully you will restore push without installing anything.
Good luck ppl.

This last comment about SB Settings is interesting.
I jailbroke my 3G a month ago and never cared about push because I wanted to unlock it. Recently I downloaded NotifyMe (great App), reQuall, Gpush etc... and was not getting accurate push and sometimes none.
I am using now my provider's SIM and still didn't get push.
Started unistalling Addons from SB Settings and testing. Finally, I found out what was causing the problem in my case. It was Notifier (the one that shows the icons on top and allows you different sounds for reminding you etc...) Once I disabled it, I get all push apps working just fine. That was my case. I wonder if someone else has that Addon and tries to deactivate and test push, what they would get.
I did just send an email to the developper of the 3.0.1 version of notifier to ask for a possible fix since I love that app.
Hope this helps a few.
PS: I did not install any apps to fix iy from Cydia either since I know they have problems the least of which is draining the battery even more.

i recently updated my 2nd gen ipod touch to iphone OS 3.0 and eversince then i've been getting this message "connect to itunes to use push notifications" i've connected my ipod to itunes but kept getting the message.
i was able to resolve the issue with the push notification simply by turning off my ipod and turning it back on!
hope it works for you too.

im tryin to jail break my iphone 3g and the downloading jailbreak data screen wont go off. what do i need to o????

anyone have any idea why push notification is not working on my unhacktivated iphone? i've tried pushfix and its not helping.

Hi guys!
First I want you to smile OK! cause I just fixed my push notifications on my 3gs 32G iPhone in a very simple way after I spend long days searching on the internet and trying a lot of trial.
OK guys let's do it..

  1. Put the old AT&T SIM or any activated or unactivated AT&T SIM in you iPhone.
  2. Do the factory restore by using ITunes. (update carrier data Don't worry I did that) your iPhone will restart and will say " waiting for activation " That cool.
  3. Then blackrain/blacksnow with the old AT&T SIM
    "Mine says NO SERVICE" so don't worry Restart you and wait until see " waiting for activation " then remove AT&T SIM and put in you T-mobile SIM or any working SIM what ever and then you will see "your phone has been activated"

Congratulations :) You have activated unlucked jealbreak iphone with working Youtube and Push Notifcation :)
A special Thanks for someone called " geminiboi who get that idea , have Fun guys :)

  • No much People Know about this way PLZ try to spread it in many webs and blogs


If you have any problems with push notifications and they worked at one point or not on your current jailbreak or rejailbreak my solution was found in sshing to the ipod touch in var/root/library/lockdown/activationrecords and deleting podrecord.plist

need help with push notifications with the 3.1.2 sofware need help please it says connect to itunes to use push notifications and i did nothing happend

I'm having problems with my push notifications with paypal app. I'm using a jailbroken device, do u know how to fix it?

I just recently jailbroke my iphone and the push notifications aren't working right a few different apps. I have the version 4.3.2 firmware. How do I fix this and or are ya'll already trying to fix this problem?