JailbreakMe.com Jailbreaks 1,000,000 iOS devices... and counting

JailbreakMe.com (third edition), which finally offers a Jailbreak for iPad 2 (and all other iOS devices on current firmware) has hit the 7 figure milestone:

Just passed 1,000,000 jailbreaks from http://t.co/hm5eSyO — be sure to share a link with your friends while it's still available!

Chris has a Jailbreakme.com tutorial posted if you need extra help, and our Jailbreak forums are always at your disposal.

(Though it's really easy to use. Took me only a few minutes, and half of that was filling out the donation form while I waited.)


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Reader comments

JailbreakMe.com Jailbreaks 1,000,000 iOS devices... and counting


Perhaps they are anticipating a quick patch from Apple. If you don't tell your friends and they update to the patched version of iOS, they will be out of luck.

After jailbreaking my phone it's been lagging for a second when under heavy usage such as multitasking while music is playing in the background.

Anyone with a Verizon iPhone have problems with their phone freezing up when it resprings? I had to do a full restore to get mine back to where I could use it.

Hmmm, this jailbreak seems to be more trouble than it's worth. Took only 10 minutes for my phone to crash and get stuck at the boot screen. Had to restore. Tried JBM again, no crashing, but phone now acts weird. Some apps aren't functioning properly anymore or just freeze. Doesn't seem worth it. I've had my iPhone since march and have probably re-booted it more times this past weekend than I have in the first four months I've had it.