Lenovo Olympics App -- Brought to you by Microsoft (sort of, not really)

If you're interested in following the Olympics on your iPhone, you could do worse than the free Lenovo Summer Olympics 2008 (App store link) application.

A classy Olympics app is postworthy, sure, but what makes this app very interesting is that it's been developed by Zumobi -- note the tell-tale 'Z' in the screenshot, note also that, ah, Zumobi is the developer. Why is this significant? Zumobi is a company that specializes in creating a neat 'tiled content' app for Windows Mobile. Ok, so?

Zumobi is an independent software shop whose core technology was created at Microsoft and subsequently spun-off. The company is still pretty much backed by Microsoft and there are plans to include there app 'on deck' for Windows Mobile someday. So while it's not technically accurate to say we're looking at our first Microsoft-developed application for the iPhone, it's not crazy to point out the connection either. Add in the Lenovo and Intel sponsorship of the app and we have a very interesting 5-way relationship going on here: Apple, Zumobi, Microsoft, Lenovo, and Intel.

...And you thought the Olympics were about sports. For shame.

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Lenovo Olympics App -- Brought to you by Microsoft (sort of, not really)