Livestand from Yahoo! set to take on The Daily

Yahoo! has announced that it will be launching an iPad application that could rival the recently launched The Daily.  Coming in the first half of 2011, Livestand will be available for the iPad and will deliver news personalized to your interests, location and even time of day.

Livestand will take the form of a highly visual magazine. Yahoo! will use the app to entice advertisers, by offering ads within the digital pages. The ads served will include media rich interactive content that can even be based on location. We assume the ad revenue will enable Yahoo! To deliver the content as a free app without subscription, this has not been confirmed.

Livestand should be available for the iPad in the first half of this year and will include Sports, News, Finance, Flickr and omg! content.

Would you be happy to have ads in your daily news paper if the content was good enough and the app was subscription free? Let us know in the comments!


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Reader comments

Livestand from Yahoo! set to take on The Daily


I wouldn't mind the ads. Heck, all newspapers and magazines have ads so why shouldn't they be in an app? That is, if they keep it free... ;)

I'm waiting for this one, Yahoo! have their company officially on my country (Indonesia), so it is very possible that this electronic newspaper will be available for my country, while The Dayly (I think) is very unlikely.

It can't be worse than The Daily...the most over-hyped, under-delivered iPad app in a while.

Does Yahoo offer up dirty magazines to kids on their virtual news stand? That's pretty much what it gives out to children in grade schools through their pornographic photo sharing site, Flickr. That social network has more porn than all the XXX mags in the world put together, yet is not filtered as such. Yahoo's Flickr bypasses firewalls set up to block Hustler, Penthouse or other strictly adult publications. Most legit pornography distributors online are at least a bit more honest about the adult content they host, clearly labeling it for what it is. Yahoo doesn't do that at all. They try to hide the fact they publish porn and make it available to children all the time on their Flickr site. They even trick Yahoo ad clients into unknowingly sponsoring their own porn. LivingSocial, GM, and many other major companies are currently sponsoring millions of hardcore images on Flickr now thanks to Yahoo.

wow. I'm sorry, but I have NEVER seen "hardcore pornography" on Flickr at all. Tasteful nude photos, sure. That's ART. But hardcore porn?
Let me guess.. you're a bible thumper that considers a woman's leg to be porn, huh?

I would not mind ads like in traditional magazines, that is, static ads. That doesn't mean they shouldn't be clickable or interactive, but definitely not flashing/moving ads. If there is that, I won't buy it. If free, I won't return after trying it.

I'd go for it, as long as it doesn't have the performance of The Daily (TD). I've tried it several times and liked what I read but the wait is too long. I'd be happy with less graphics in return for better performance. Needs more sections, especially a tech one, IMO. It all depends on performance. If the experience is alot better (graphic heavy) but does not take too long to load (I'm ok with longer than my RSS Reeder, but not that TD long), I'd definitely be interested. I hope they have alot of those weird stories that you see on their website. I wonder if that'll be under omg!

All this is nice, but too much free news services out there with the same stories to make a subscription worth it, and most work with the iPhone also.