Loopt Adds Curated Restaurant, Bar Recommendations via TastingTable

Loopt with TastingTable

Loopt [Free - iTunes link] has added curated restaurant and bar recommendations via a partnership with TastingTable. With more and more location-based apps and services becoming available on the iPhone, we're once again seeing a lot of crowd-sourcing (where users enter locations, ratings, tips, and recommendations) used to power it. Loopt, one of the original location apps, is going the other direction and using TastingTable's team of editors to provide an expert level of detail for potential customers.

Crowds can typically cover more, curators can typically cover better. If you try out the latest version of Loopt, let us know how the new recommendations work for you!

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Loopt Adds Curated Restaurant, Bar Recommendations via TastingTable


Loopt is still not available in Ireland. Surely it's not rocket science for devs to make their apps available in countries other than the US of A.