Microsoft promotes Mac and iOS development using Windows Azure cloud services

Microsoft promotes Mac and iOS developers using Windows Azure cloud services

If you need another example of how Microsoft often seems to operate more like a Keiretsu than a company, here's one of a new series of videos from them... highlighting Mac and iOS developers. In this case, it's rockstar developer Brent Simmons of NetNewsWire and Glassboard fame, and it's all to highlight Microsoft's cloud platform, Windows Azure for MSDN.

Join Brent Simmons, creator of NetNewsWire and Mars Edit on Mac and iOS to find out how to get started with Windows Azure Mobile Services.

It's all shades of awesome that Microsoft would do this, and that Simmons would do it with them. Going back to licensing Exchange to Apple, Google, and others, despite it "hurting" Windows Mobile at the time, Microsoft has often shown a willingness to prioritize services and infrastructure, even at the expense of their own end-user facing products.

If you're a Mac or iOS developer -- if you're a developer period -- interested in cloud services for your apps, check out part 1 of Simmons new series and visit the site below for the rest of the series and more.

Source: MSDN Channel 9 via Daniel Jalkut

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Microsoft promotes Mac and iOS development using Windows Azure cloud services


LOL, even Microsoft understands that windows phone is a Joke, so its better that they can earn some money by releasing their services on rival platforms like xbox companion app and a better skype app on rival platforms when compared to the pathetic windows phone app.

Bring on the ios Office app now!!

LOL, so when Apple released iTunes and Safari for windows they are really saying OSX is a joke? Is Google saying the same thing about Android when they released Google Maps for iOS? Or are these companies simply smart enough to realize that there are those that don't use their respective platforms but may still wish to use their services?

Precisely! People forget that when Microsoft Bailed out Apple from Bankruptcy, the reason was to insure that there was another platform to put their services on.

When Microsoft invested $150million in non-voting Apple stock, Apple had more than $1billion in cash at the time. It was nothing more than a PR stunt.